2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Ed @Rx_Ed

  1. “Assholes” + angst regarding sexual inadequacies + guns + inane Bible-thumping = the U.S. constitution.

    So all the American founders’ talk of things like being created equal, endowed by the Creator with certain unalienable rights and so on, is just cover for sexually troubled “assholes” with Bibles and guns as fetishes.

    This is what the left offers the world in lieu of a principled argument. To some, it may even be thought of as a principled argument. The “shining city on the hill” to which all oppressed peoples in the world may have looked for freedom is now nothing but a cesspool of depravity and obscenity. Indeed, that is all it ever was, according to the leftist movement.

    Keep it up, Ed ‏@Rx_Ed; you’re the perfect spokesman for the Progressive anti-rights movement.

    Your one sentence sums up very well the entire left – all communists, Fascists, “liberals”, Progressives, socialists, jihadists, “anti-colonials”, Marxists, gangsters, cronyists, tyrants, authoritarians, collectivists and common criminals alike.

    Thank you, Joe, for letting them indict themselves with their own words.

  2. Actually God did give me the right to keep and bear arms when He gave us the Ten Commandments with “Thou shall not murder” and the best way for me to prevent a murder is with a shotgun in my hands.

    My life is precious, just as his life is important. Does he deny the right of self defense? Doubtful, and if he does he is a hypocrite. We need the tools to defend ourselves from criminals.

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