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By now you have heard about the terrible accident at the hands of a toddler, resulting in the death of his father. What more reason do we need to address the issue of gun control? Better yet, what greater example to envision a society where there are no guns…eliminating these types of accidents?

I can’t help but “go there” for a minute and think (putting this very, very unfortunate accident aside for a minute) how many lives would have been spared if there were no guns to end them. How would differences be settled? What other alternative would police officers take if it were not so easy to reach for their pistol and shoot a suspect?

Maybe we’d go back to the old days of man up…dukes up and fight it out.

I don’t recall many people dying from that, just bloody.

I don’t know about you, but I am sick and tired of people dying from being shot!

August 24, 2015
Toddler’s Fatal Shot of Dad Should Open Conversation About Greater Gun Control
[There are five things I find worth remembering from “brainuser1”.

1) This brainiac apparently can’t imaging there are tradeoffs in lives lost if there were no guns. If there were no guns then there would be only “lives spared”, not lives lost due to inability to defend innocent life.

2) The physically frail or even those just small of stature, in the view of this person, are not worthy of having a chance of defending themselves against large predators.

3) “People dying from being shot” is what is important. Not people dying from evil predators.

4) The specific enumerated right to keep and bear arms is not even on their radar screen.

5) Don’t ever let anyone get away with telling you that no one wants to take your guns.

Make that five and a half things… They have crap for brains.—Joe]


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  1. And there’s the whole “how do you get there from here?” question.

    How does he think mass confiscation would go in this country? No accounting for the lives lost there?
    Nevermind that if guns were as illegal as heroin and cocaine how would they be any harder for criminals to get than heroin or cocaine?

    And *who* does he think will do the confiscating if he /also/ wants to disarm the cops?

    What alternative does he think the police officers would take use if they were disarmed and then told they had to round up hundreds of millions of guns and dozens and dozens of millions of gun owners?
    Flamethrowers? Human wave attacks? Step back, declare martial law and have the military do it?

    I guess little things like logistics are beneath the mental might of “brainuser”

  2. 1. He’s a Leftist and has bought into the Leftist tenet “We don’t have to care what happens next.”
    2. His motives are pure, so the practicality is irrelevant, he can imagine it, so someone ELSE who knows the practicalities better than he does should now “make it so” (to quote that authority figure who is a particular favorite of leftists, Captain Picard).
    3. “Maybe we’d go back to the old days of man up…dukes up and fight it out.”
    Maybe. MAYBE? Did he sleep through World History in Ninth Grade where it was pointed out that for most of human history might made right, and the biggest muscles held the power?

    And as for memorable thing number 5 1/2, I don’t expect he’ll ever snort Metamucil. 🙂

    • Related to all your points:

      Somehow, I doubt “brainuser1” (being a “keyboard commando”) has any well-developed muscles or skills, so his prospects in a “might makes right” world are likely pretty dim indeed.

      His ideology may demand he not care what happens next, but he should be more careful what he asks for.

  3. I don’t believe that anyone is so stupid as to believe that what brainuser1 is saying makes any sense. That level of blindness and stupidity must be systematically inculcated.

    The handle, brainuser1, is a bit too consistent with Progressive naming policy (“Patriot Act”, “Gun Safety” et al). That, and the blatant ignorance and stupidity of the quote make me wonder if it’s a libertarian playing a caricature Progressive, so as to make fun of the blithering idiot Progressive followers. It reads a lot like some of the sarcastic comments I’ve made. Is it artful humor or genuine, mesmeric lunacy?

  4. Even if firearms could magically be made to disappear, all you’d get is a society ruled by the strong. Medieval Europe or the TV show Game of Thrones would be the model, not some fairy tale land of peace and harmony. There is a reason why representative republics have become more common since the invention of firearms.

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