6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—James Craig

  1. And, the Anti’s will be waiting to pounce on ANY incident that they can use to their advantages, never mind that through the efforts of its citizens, Detroit is seeing reduced criminal activity.

  2. Well, anyone who doesn’t toe the Leftist line has to promise perfection with the first enactment of non-leftist laws and regulations, so it’s perfectly natural to point out every incident. Leftists allow their allies to practice incrementalism, so incidents are merely evidence of the need for more control.

  3. What? Constitutional principles work? Weird. Who would ever have guessed? It goes against everything we’ve been taught by public education and media.

    To be fair though, the article says that the actual figures “showing the relationship between increased gun ownership and the crime rate” were not available. That is a very specific metric; “showing the relationship”. It then says that home invasions are down. So in essence what is being said is that certain types of crime are down and that no specific statistical proof exists showing that increased gun ownership is the reason. That’s QUITE a bit different from the usual Progressive assertion (i.e. lie) that “OMG; blood will run in the streets!” unless we deprive people, under color of law, of their constitutional protections.

    • “Carrying guns” implies something done outside of the home which would mean that “home invasions” are excluded. Home invasions would mean more people “owning guns” versus “carrying guns.”

      To prove “carrying guns” is effective, you need to look at street crime stats.

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