Quote of the day—Steve Bucci

There are a lot of them that aren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer.

Steve Bucci
Security expert and former top Pentagon official
August 17, 2015
Price for TSA’s failed body scanners: $160 million
[Never forget that they even have TSA backward. A more accurate acronym is AST (A Security Theater).—Joe]


7 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Steve Bucci

    • Nah. Sporks. Plastic sporks.
      They don’t just screw up one thing, they are multitalented enough to screw up many things.
      I recently spent a week in AK recently with the sprouts, visiting family, fishing, etc. On the way back we had a plane-change at Sitka. They herded us off one plane, down the gangway, and straight into the security-check line for the next plane (using a waiting area with less room than the plane). The magic machine went BING on my son’s pack. They swabbed it. They re-swabbed it. They rifled through it, including leafing through every book (he was a walking library at that moment because the cheap books we picked up in Juneau put the carry-on over weight, so we all had book-packed carry-ons; a fine time for the Kindle to die on me 🙂 ). So, because I was the adult in charge of said sprout, they have /me/ the full grope-down treatment. Nothing, as expected. Meanwhile, they let my camera bag with a high-lumen tactical flashlight (you know, sharp-cornered bezel, etc) in it slide right by w/o a second glance.
      If it’s theater, what genre is it? I’m thinking tragedy, as we watch freedom slowly die of cancer. Certainly not comedy, unless you have really twisted tastes.

  1. American Security Theater.

    When I travel by air, it is only flights to/from the US that have this weird ritual – special scans, free groping, take off your shoes, no liquids, no toilet stops within 30 minutes of landing, etc.

    My last international trip (from AUK to SYD) the security guys carried my competition guns to the plane for me, but didn’t feel the need to do more than chat as we walked.

      • I hadn’t heard that one, I thought Teatro de la Seguridad del Absurdo was pretty good, doing jobs Americans won’t do.

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