7 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Bacon @Baconmints

  1. “Pretending to be women.”


    And just imagine the outrage if we were to even so much as hint that Shannon Watts was “pretending to be a woman” online.

    Progressives may disavow any knowledge of Alinsky and his tactics when you bring them up, but they’re functionally ingrained into their movement.

    • Maybe someone should accuse Ladd Everitt and Josh Sugarmann of “pretending to be men” when it comes to rendering women defenseless.

      I wonder, what kind of reaction would that get?

      • Hard to say. Looking at it as objectively as I can at the moment, it would appear to be an insult to men in general. If those two clowns are “pretending to be men” by way of rendering women defenseless, then it means your definition of a man is someone who renders women defenseless.

        If they were trying to pretend to be men then, they’re doing a poor job of it, for a real man never tries to render women defenseless, unless some specific woman or group of women is attacking innocents. Then he seeks to render those specific women defenseless, or at least offense-less, so to speak, such that they could not continue their offenses. So you see that gender (or properly, “sex”) has nothing to do with any of this, really.

        A real man, or someone doing a good job of pretending to be one, would encourage good women, and good men, to be at all times armed.

        So as always; be careful what you say, because words mean things.

  2. Isn’t this guy kind of low hanging fruit? He’s been on here so much you’d think he was a guest blogger. 😉

    • Yes.

      I grabbed all of these examples of Markley’s Law from a single (or maybe two) day of his rants. There are eight more to come. I’ve been trying to make them no more than one a month but I still have them extending into February of 2016 and I need to spread them out more.

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