USPSA match results

I participated in a USPSA match at Marysville (Washington) today. For some reason I was extremely nervous for the first stage. My stomach was tied in knots and my shooting suffered. The second stage I shot (Killer B’s) I felt better but I still shot extremely poor. I had three misses and hit a no shoot target. It was a tough stage and two people zeroed it. But I shouldn’t have had problem with it. After that I settled down and did okay. But only in one stage (Dirty Mike) was I rather pleased with my results. But that wasn’t the stage that I did the best in compared to everyone else. I did the best in the classifier where I came in 3rd out of 17 in Limited and 7th out of 43 overall. Seven people zeroed that stage.

In Limited I came in 7th out of 17:

Match Results – Limited
Place Name Member # Class Division PF Lady Mil Law For Match Pts Match %
1 Hoang, Vinh TY55787 M LTD MAJOR N N N N 577.3837 100.000 %
2 Parkison, Ian TY91657 B LTD MAJOR N N N N 560.3346 97.047 %
3 Leander, Mike A28558 M LTD MAJOR N N N N 532.9299 92.301 %
4 Tsang, Keith A71578 B LTD MAJOR N N N N 469.3082 81.282 %
5 Purcell, Greg FY23884 G LTD MAJOR N N N N 448.1394 77.616 %
6 Huggins, Rick A88883 C LTD MINOR N N N N 417.1654 72.251 %
7 Huffman, Joe TY29386 B LTD MAJOR N N N N 395.2001 68.447 %
8 Sherman, Tod TY37515 C LTD MAJOR N N N N 379.3488 65.701 %
9 Huang, Jemy TY71576 B LTD MAJOR N N N N 364.1748 63.073 %
10 Roessel, Gary A2757 B LTD MINOR N N N N 340.5804 58.987 %
11 Domingo, Emilio A86951 D LTD MAJOR N N N N 317.6713 55.019 %
12 Beaman, Earl A91163 U LTD MAJOR N N N N 315.8587 54.705 %
13 Russ, Kimberly TY59608 C LTD MINOR Y N N N 310.1970 53.725 %
14 Adam, Brandi A73942 C LTD MINOR Y N N N 303.3375 52.537 %
15 Steward, Jim A91246 U LTD MINOR N N N N 292.0199 50.576 %
16 Crumpley, David A89435 U LTD MINOR N N N N 193.1871 33.459 %
17 Bregante, Carlos TY4508 C LTD MINOR N N N N 158.8101 27.505 %

I tested out video glasses I got from Amazon and have shooter point of view for all but one of the stages:

The configuration program for the glasses didn’t work so I couldn’t set the date and time on the glasses and I couldn’t turn off the time stamp. So all the video has the wrong time.

I forgot to turn the camera on for the stage that I messed up on the most. That is the stage I would have most liked to have the video for!

Update: The match winner has his own blog post and video.