Quote of the day—Cathy Lanier

There’s been a number of changes in gun laws in states all across the United States in the past several years, a number of pushes to purchase these high capacity magazines, for fear that they may not be legally available some time in the future, and now is it possible that now maybe some of those are making their way to the major cities? We don’t know, but for some reason they are showing up in all major cities.

Cathy Lanier
D.C. police chief
August 13, 2015
DC’s Top Cop Accidentally Makes The Case Against Gun Control
[Let me get this straight. Lanier knows that people are buying standard capacity magazines because of laws being passed to ban them. Then she wonders why people in major cities own them?

Does she have a problem with forgetting facts she expressed only seconds earlier when she attempts to ask a question?

As Emily Miller said, “I don’t think the IQ is all that high.”

Let me spell it out for you Ms. “Crap For Brains” Lanier. People in the cities own them in increasing numbers because authoritarians like you are trying to ban them. Stop trying to ban them and there would be less demand for them. And, this is the really important part for people like you to grasp, if you stop trying to ban guns the less likely they are to be used on you.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Cathy Lanier

  1. Something that’s been manufactured by the millions for how long? It depends on the model, but we’re talking on the order of fifty or seventy years, and if you want to go back to the Thompson and others, it’s been 100 years. By golly gee whiz, I wonder how it is, that these things could be finding their way, all by themselves, into all major cities at this very moment, simultaneously. It’s like those dihydrogen monoxide molecules we’ve been finding, all of a sudden, practically everywhere we look today! Who is doing this? Obviously there’s some kind of sinister conspiracy behind it, and so we’d better stay on our toes, by golly.

    I wouldn’t call it low IQ, but mindlessness. Or to put it another way; Progressivism. The unfortunate police chief’s mind has been co-opted. It’s sad but common and it happens by way of emotion, which gets a person into a highly suggestible state. It happens to all of us at some point, to some degree.

  2. Ms. Lanier, your mouth is talking again. You might want to see to that.

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