Grandson Bryce’s first hike in the woods

Since his parents don’t really care for hiking in the woods Barb and I took it upon ourselves to take Bryce on his first hike. It was a short walk, about 1.1 miles round trip. He walked the entire way except for when I carried him about 100 feet at the place the trail was very narrow with a steep drop off to sharp rocks on one side.

He seemed pretty happy with the whole adventure. He did seem to think throwing rocks in the water was more interesting than looking at the waterfall though.

WP_20150808_10_34_18_ProPhoto by Barb

WP_20150808_11_16_27_ProHe switched things up a bit by throwing a stick too.

Photo by Barb



All indications are that he had a good time.


5 thoughts on “Grandson Bryce’s first hike in the woods

  1. Grandkids are the compensation for having had children! Aren’t they great!

  2. He likes ballistic action. Should be ready for a .22 in a few years. Got mine about 7-8 years old. (no one could remember which birthday)

  3. Take lotsa pics. In just a very short time, they get too fast to catch for picture-taking.

  4. Super! I have a nephew who thinks that the outdoors is what you go through from car to house and to other buildings, and two nieces who are real outdoor girls. By keeping the hikes kid scale with kid-quality points of interest at the end he will be a hiker without tears. The older of my two nieces climbed Mt. Whitney at age four (or rather all but two miles worth).

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