3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—G-Man

  1. Without regard to advocacy, very few Americans understand the American ideal.

    But then it is possible that to understand it is to advocate it. I don’t know. How many Progressives, for example, can accurately define the American ideal? I’m not sure it’s possible.

    One could ask then; which comes first, the advocacy of the American ideal, or the understanding of it? If we knew the answer, we might be in a better position. I don’t know it.

    I’ve stated several times recently that it comes down to a matter more of allegiance rather than one of purely intellectual comprehension. A person is allied either with the authoritarian system (which I also define as a death cult) or with life and liberty, and each alliance sees the other, quite correctly, as the enemy, as usurpers and destroyers.

  2. Creating any type of legislation that even vaguely advocates increasing more government control […] is extremely misguided and does nothing more than to serve the [liberal] movement.

    I like this revised version better.

  3. A bit OT: Wisconsin has constitutional open carry and recently starting allowing concealed carry. State law supersedes the law of lower-level jurisdictions. So, although the city can’t ban CCW, our public bus agency can ban carry on buses and in the bus stop shelters in the city because their restriction is not a law. Wisconsin Carry filed suit against the de facto ban and lost. The appeals court agreed with the decision. The judge’s logic was rather unassailable in that we have to follow the wording of the law, not the intent. Of course, it makes no sense to say I can defend myself on the sidewalk but not one foot away at the open-front bus shelter.

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