8 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Gary Patton

  1. My guns are actually quite docile and well-mannered, if occasionally loud.

    Maybe they’re just shy…

    • I think mine are pacifists, I found some dried foliage in my AKs ejection port, looked like grass, but it’s legal here in WA, maybe mine’s a hippie AK?

  2. Just a wierd thought…

    Since the other side seems to enjoy arbitrarily and caprioiously changing the definition of words to suit their purposes, then acting all confused when someone uses the word in a way other than they mean inside their heads, perhaps the new definition of “gun” should be “the criminal individual actuating the fire control group of a firearm” rather than “a firearm”. Then we can all be for “gun” control, and when they call for gun control or common sense gun safety, they mean exactly what we’ve been calling for all along.

    Of course, to do so would require intellectual dishonesty on a broad scale, which is anathema to people who actually use firearms. To use a firearm safely necessarily requires one to have clear distinctions between things that ARE and things that ARE NOT. 9mm ammo does not work in a shotgun, no matter how much you don’t care about the difference between them. A gun is pointed in a safe direction, which is objectively verifiable by all present according to known and argreed upon principles, or it is not. The manual of arms of a model of firearm can be communicated, verbally or in writing, by people who share a common vocabulary. All of this requires people that recognize that there is an objective reality, which is know-able and consistent from person to person and not changeable by the whim of any individual.

    • That nicely explains why there is such a big push for the notion that “facts (or truth) are just a matter of opinion”.

  3. What makes a gun want to be violent?

    George W. Bush, of course.

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