Quote of the day—Larry Pratt

Hillary is so ideological that she seems oblivious to the reality of gun-control politics. She seems doomed to repeat her husband’s political error.

Larry Pratt
Executive director of Gun Owners of America
July 29, 2015
The dark reason why guns are virtually guaranteed to be a major issue of the 2016 campaign
[Every indication I have about Hillary is that she is a hardcore Marxist. And that is almost for certain going to mean individual gun ownership is a blocking issue to her goals.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Larry Pratt

  1. I don’t think she’s a doctrinaire Marxist.
    I think she’s a run-of-the-mill authoritarian (with all the various attendant clinical mental problems that come from decades surrounded by sycophants, liars, and a lifetime of cleaning up her husband’s personal-life messes), who finds a great number of useful idiots among her fellow travelers (many of whom ARE Marxists). Her gigantic ego simply defines anything she does as good, right, and necessary, because she is HILLARY!! so it must be. She doesn’t seem to have any theoretical constructs for government, only an intuitive understanding of power (but with far too little charisma, historical knowledge, or self-control to really wield it effectively).
    She’s a dangerous nutj-ob that in a sane world would never be within artillery range of the halls of power, and should be kept out if at all possible…. but if she cannot be kept away, we need to ensure that all her failures do, eventually, get properly laid at her feet for all too see.

    • They’ll be seen, but the media will be in full cover-up mode, and she’ll appoint a lot of cover-her-ass cronies to the justice department, and I’d bet she’s got enough inside dirt on ranking Republicans in the house and senate that they would not impeach or convict… though the irony of that happening should she win would be just too delicious to not appreciate. One heck of a foot-note in history, that would be.

  2. The New Left (post-1968, that is) are Maoist, not doctrinaire Marxist.

    The difference is that Marxist tyrants like Josef Stalin, Erich Hoenecker, Fidel Castro, and so on, demand only obedience. Maoists demand obedience plus enthusiasm. Marxists are content to say “thou shalt.” Maoists say “thou art,” and not even in your heart of hearts, in your most private thoughts, are you safe. If you lack sufficient “purity,” if you lack “revolutionary zeal,” that’s THOUGHTCRIME and, though you obey all their maddest Diktats, you will still live all your days in mortal terror lest a sigh, a facial expression, an ill-chosen word, betray you. BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU, and it isn’t enough merely to obey–BIG BROTHER demands your unstinting, sincere love. The State requires everyone in this street to relocate to Mukden for five years hard labor to construct a railway tunnel for the greater glory of the State, to ensure the success of the Five Year Plan. Shout for joy! LOUDER! Shout the slogans! Shout that you love Big Brother! LIKE YOU MEAN IT! The State has increased the potato ration from three hundred grams per week to two hundred grams. Shout for joy! LIKE YOU MEAN IT! LOUDER! Say, that guy doesn’t look happy enough–I think he could be a counterrevolutionary wrecker!

    You have no conception of how deep the madness runs in people like Hillary. If she is elected, we’re all going to learn, though.

    • I agree with anon. She is every bit as much a narcissistic egomaniac psychotic sociopath as Obama, and she’s probably actually MUCH smarter than he is, which, of course, makes her all the more dangerous.
      She’s also, IMHO, far more ruthless than Obama. Obama EXPECTS to be adored by the masses. Hillary really doesn’t give a shit that she’s one of the most hated women in history, as long as she is able to pull off the con and grasp the reigns of power, and she would order the death of ANYONE who got in her way (including, I suspect Chelsea; Bill, of course being a foregone conclusion after she’s in power and he’s outlived his usefulness.)

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