Better than a walk around the neighborhood

We weren’t in the mood for an all day adventure so we found a hike that was less than 10 miles away from home and less than three miles round trip with little elevation gain. We ended up selecting Around the Lake Trail.

Lakes are generally nice so there would be a view better than just the trail and the woods, right? Well… generally that is true. But this hiked ended up being, in the words of Barb, “notably non-memorable.”

It wasn’t bad in any way. It just wasn’t anything great.


One of the main attractions of this hike was a short branch of the trail called “Bus Trail”. This was the bus. I suspect its history is less interesting than all the bullet holes might suggest.

IMG_3684I’ve seen bigger and nicer ponds than this lake.

IMG_3692I’m sorry. This doesn’t qualify as a “lake”. This is a wet spot which should be drained and made into a meadow.

IMG_3691A fair amount of the trail was close to being a sidewalk.

IMG_3694Then there was the section of the trail that is fenced in.

IMG_3704This might be fun for kids of the appropriate age but we didn’t bother to check it out.

We did have fun with a short game of “Where’s Barb?”


There was some scenery that was pleasurable to look at and it was certainly better than a walk around the neighborhood.


2 thoughts on “Better than a walk around the neighborhood

  1. The whole Tiger Mountain trail complex is about as scenic as walking in a garbage dump. It’s been logged about a dozen times, has limited wildlife, and no scenic climaxes. I’m with Barb – decidedly non-memorable. You missed nothing by passing by the Swamp Monster trail. If you are simply out for exercise, the trail provide some mileage to stretch your legs; that’s about it.

    Although the trail itself isn’t much, actually the John Wayne/Iron Horse Trail up near Rattlesnake is far superior. Since it’s a rail-trail, it’s flat and wide, but it does have nice views of the valley. It’s better for mountain biking than walking – and if you head towards the pass from whatever entry you use, you get to coast back.

    Have you hiked the Twin Falls trail yet? I forgot if you posted that one yet. It’s a nice little afternoon hike.

  2. “This is a wet spot which should be drained and made into a meadow.”

    But, but,….but, WETLANDS!!

    I would tend to agree: quite often the resulting meadow would be more interesting. And have fewer mosquitoes.

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