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Gun control wouldn’t even work in a utopia… and I don’t know of any utopias that exist.

Primal Zen
June 30, 2015
Comment to Survey: Majority of Americans Not Interested in Gun Control for 2016
[Well… if your utopia is a place where there are no animals capable of making tools I suppose you could say it works. But only because all the tool making animals are extinct rather than you banned firearms.

Strangely enough there are people who think this is a good idea.—Joe]


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Primal Zen

  1. Can we discuss the level of success or failure of a policy without having first established that policy’s motivations and goals?

    I say that gun restrictions are successful, that they tend to accomplish the desired results practically every time they’re tried.

    How many times have we seen the phrase; “criminals prefer unarmed victims”, and have used similar phrases ourselves? Is it such a stretch then, to establish beyond reasonable doubt that such is the motivation and purpose of citizen disarmament in blatant contravention of the U.S. constitution and of common sense?

    Stop it! Stop contradicting yourselves. Stop saying that gun control fails, when you know that it works very well, as we all can see as plain as day. What is the nature of this game you’re playing, and just who do you think you’re fooling with it?

    • Oh now I get it; you’re assuming that the lies used as the selling points are not lies.

      Know that something is a lie and pretending otherwise; that’s your game? Who do you think will be impressed and persuaded by your inability to admit the truth?

  2. Those VHEMT people are nuts. They have a huge edifice of argument built on some pretty shaky basic assumptions. To the extent that they help anyone acquire political power, they could be quite scary.

      • They have an elaborate answer to that suggestion. They themselves do not advocate any specific death, but anyone trying to implement their policy of ending human reproduction would impose quite a lot of death on the opposition.

  3. Hell, “gun control” doesn’t even work in prisons.

    If it can’t work in one of the most controlled environments in the world, what hope does it have of working anywhere else?

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