5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Michele Washam

  1. “…looks SO intimidating with that big gun…”
    Clearly they’re intimidated or they wouldn’t be trying to restrict gun ownership. OED

    D’Souza is pro-American. Obama is anti-American, and so to the extent that D’Souza is anti-anti-American, he is anti-Obama. The point is that this has nothing to do with Obama other than the fact that Obama is anti-American and is therefore going to be extremely anti-D’Sousa.

    (If that didn’t make sense to you, the problem is you, FYI.)

  2. 1984, counseling for political views. simple as that.
    buy guns, buy ammo, buy reloading supplies, stay plenty prickly.

    • Yes sir. Community service for the wrong, psychological counseling for the mindset it takes to have the effrontery to insult the leader and and make that film.

      • D’Souza has said that he is ready for this, that he can handle it, he was born to do it, and that he is good at it. He may even be right about all those things. Only time will tell. His one miscalculation may (or may not) have been underestimating the depths of depravity to which Progressives will stoop, even here in America, right now. This, apparently, is what Obama meant by The Audacity of Hope.

  3. On a related topic, recently former general, former Democratic presidential candidate, and all-around nazi Wesley Clark argued that wrong-thinking people have to be put into re-education camps.

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