Quote of the day—Daniel Greenfield

These changes are a test of reason. If you can reason, you fail. If you can Doublethink, you pass.

Daniel Greenfield
June 30, 2015
No Truce With The Left
[Reason. I think of it as a test of someone trustworthiness. If they are unwilling or unable to reason I am uncomfortable being around them. I literally don’t have any idea what they might do or say next. Will they claim I attacked them when all I did was smile and say hello? Will they hit me in the head with a rock? I would rather be in the presence of a sociopath because I can model their behavior as looking out for their best interests and make it clear to them it would be irrational for them to cause me harm and in fact it would be in their best interests to have me as their ally.

But the irrational, non-reasoning, person is extremely dangerous. There is no loyalty. There is no mutual benefits. There is only unpredictability. There is only the prospect of chaos, suffering, and death.

Marxism, communism, socialism, whatever variety of leftism and you want to call it, has such a long proven history of poverty and death that only irrational people can support it. Venezuela is only of the most recent examples that went from an “economy was the strongest in South America” in the 1950s to the early 1980s to the massive shortages, unemployment, thriving black market, and the highest misery index score in 2013.

The USSR, mainland China, and many other countries learned their lesson the hard way with massive shortages, mind boggling corruption, and 10s of millions murdered by their own governments. Numerous experiments in the 20th century, on national scales, prove beyond any doubt the benefits of freedom and the hazards of adapting the ways of the leftists. How can anyone ignore the lessons of East versus West Germany? Or North Korea versus South Korea? China versus Hong Kong?

Freedom and capitalism has brought prosperity, and unbelievable technological advancement which benefits the entire world. Yet the political left continue to insist their way is “progress”. These are not rational people. They cannot be trusted. These people are incapable of rational thought and/or are evil. The correct diagnosis does not matter. Greenfield is right. There can be no truce with the left.—Joe]


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  1. Are you saying that Progressives must either convert or die? Should they be forced into reeducation camps? Should their political ideology alone be cause enough to forcefully commit them to an asylum for the mentally ill? Clearly they are in fact a danger to themselves and others. Do we know what’s good for them while they do not?

    Those are of course all the sorts of things they say about us.

    So you see the point becomes that the Dark Side is very clever in finding ways to blur and erase the moral differences between good and evil, that is, unless we remain focused on First Principles.

    • What do you do with someone whose views are antithetical to yours, who you cannot compromise with?

      The humane thing to do would be to isolate them. But I suspect it will not work out so well.

    • All I’m saying is they cannot be trusted and cannot be negotiated with. My personal preference is they just be ignored or treated like spoiled children. But that isn’t always an option.

      In those situations one must treat them on a case-by-case basis.

      • If the U.S. Constitution had anything to say about it, they’d be banned from serving in public office.

        The Oath was supposed to care of all that, but alas. One can now take the Oath with every intention of violating it, knowing that he’ll never be prosecuted for it.

        So sure; in the republic envisioned by the founders and defined in the constitution, we could have millions of hard core communists running loose all over the place, none of them having a shred of political power. They learned long ago however that all they have to do is quietly worm their way into key positions (the courts and public education are favorite entry points) and then open the gates for all their friends. When the local sheriff, the judge and the Governor are all KKK members, for example, it doesn’t much matter what the constitution says.

        Meanwhile the rest of us want too much to be liked, or are afraid to stand up and even speak about it, and for the most part we’ve lost the moral authority to do so even if we were inclined. Our grandparents’ generation were already so far gone that they couldn’t have explained why Prohibition was fundamentally a bad idea until it slapped them in the face with a Thompson gun, and then they banned the Thompson gun.

        A century later, here we are, facing the daunting task of cleaning up their shit, or being buried in it – some of the deepest shit ever piled up by Mankind.

        Who’s even talking about it in that context; the Progressive era, Teddy Roosevelt, the hard core anti American Woodrow Wilson, FDR reelected multiple times? We call their kids, our parents, the Greatest Generation. Hell by then it was essentially game over and most people never even took notice. People were saying that the constitution was outdated, and they were being taken seriously. People had photos of FDR right next to Jesus on their living room walls.

        Some of the most out-spoken advocates of liberty today still think that if you go far enough to the right on the political spectrum, you somehow get to the KKK (which are socialists and were loved by Margaret Sanger and Woodrow Wilson).

        So there’s a whole lot of education’ to do. And libertarians have to organize, but by definition they don’t do that as well as collectivists.

  2. Naah, they should be treated exactly the way D’Souza was treated by that Stalinist judge. Off to counseling – preferably by a shrink who has the same political leaning as the judge(but don’t most of them?).

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