Reasoning sounds

Anti-gun people attempt to fake rational thought. Here is another example:

In the wake of the July 1 attack in which illegal alien Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez allegedly used a stolen gun to shoot and kill Kathryn Steinle, San Francisco supervisor Mark Farrell is pushing a new gun control law that will require every gun and ammunition sale to be videotaped.

This law will increase the focus on law-abiding citizens who buy guns and ammo–as those are the kinds of transactions that will be videotaped–while completely ignoring the problem of illegal aliens in sanctuary cities using guns, acquired via theft or otherwise, to harm citizens.

To top it off the gun was one in the possession of a Federal agent.

This is crazy talk. But as crazy as this is the sad/disturbing/scary thing is that many people accept and approve of this sort of thing.

It’s as if when confronted with lemons, water, and sugar some politician attempts to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Then a significant number of people want the government to force everyone to eat the sandwiches.


1 thought on “Reasoning sounds

  1. I know; how about we pass a law requiring all violent crimes be recorded on video? Then, if you murder someone and you haven’t recorded yourself doing it, you could get in trouble.

    The mental retardation starts with being a leftist/authoritarian/Progressive/communist. After that it’s all downhill. When it comes to guns, well, Progressivism demands a disarmed populace. Being a system based on coercion and usurpation of individual sovereignty, it can never really meet its goals without disarming its victims. That’s all there is to that. No matter how blatantly stupid and/or blatantly evil they look, Progressives MUST keep pushing to disarm the public. It’s that, or give up the whole game.

    If Mark Farrell wants to keep feeding from the public trough, he’ll keep towing the line. If he were to acquire some principles and begin standing up for reason, he’d be replaced by some other. They all know this. Some of them are all in, but the rest are going along to get along.

    Our job, should we choose to accept it, is to offer a way out of that chain-of-command, an alternative to the authoritarian system. Most people in that chain of command are trapped in it. They see no way out. It’s like they’re in a cage, and here we are standing outside leering and jeering at them. They’ll see their cage as a safe haven in that case.

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