If guns were phallic symbols

From here:

If guns were phallic symbols, no man would ever buy one with a two-inch barrel.

Nor one with a barrel less than an inch in diameter.


5 thoughts on “If guns were phallic symbols

  1. Yuhuh! I’d buy a teeny gun to make my “gun” appear larger by comparison. Geeze; you’re going to have to get up pretty early before you can out Left-Speak me, sonny boy.

    • It’s very simple, you see; everything you say, every action you take, your hair style, the clothes you wear, the things you own, the things you possess, everything you do or think, is all motivated entirely by thoughts of sex.

      Once you understand that, it’s only a matter of coming up with a semi-plausible rationalization for the sex connection. See? Anyone can do it;

      “Look at him, with that (fill in the blank – it could be anything – it doesn’t matter)! Obviously he has a tiny penis!”

      Furthermore, the very fact of your brining up the subject is absolute, incontrovertible proof that you’re sexually obsessed and insecure. Q.E.D.

      Same goes for racism, greed, misogyny, homophobia, anti government paranoia, meanness, violent tendencies, et al – anything the left uses to change the subject away from that of basic principles.

      This is Sociology 101 stuff, and could in fact be taught in kindergarten. Kindergarteners would understand it easily, and would relish the game.

  2. Well given that I have an earthenware flute that resembles an 8″ black cock that a friend bought for me in Tijuana, and people think I’m strange for having that…

    really all but the strangest, or gay men would buy ANY phallic symbol…unless they were buying it for their wife/girlfriend.

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