Barb and I spent last night on Lopez Island. We boarded the ferry in Anacortes and got off on the north end of the island. We saw a lot of ferries on our trip.

We got off to a great start with our car having a premium position on the ferry. This was the view from our car:


We were the first car off the ferry too. There were a lot of people and bikes that got off before us:


But still it was nice to not have all the car traffic ahead of us.

We hoped to see seals and/or sea lions while hiking near Shark Reef Sanctuary but the most interesting thing we saw was the Victoria Clipper III.


On the way back home we got in line for the ferry off the island early. Sometimes there is a two or more hour wait and with a couple hours between departures you can end up waiting a long time. We were the third car in line and were in no danger of missing our planned departure. We spent a lot of our wait time on the side of a steep hill next to the ferry terminal with a view of the Puget Sound, the ferry traffic, and Mount Baker in the background.

IMG_3566This is the Lopez Island Ferry dock viewed from our rocky hillside.IMG_3596Adjusted
Mount Baker is 50 miles away.


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