Camping and hiking on Lopez Island

While on Lopez Island yesterday and today we went on some short hikes.

First we visited Iceberg Point. This tiny island was across the road from where we parked:



IMG_3395It was a warm day and we welcomed the shade of the trail

IMG_3398This is Barb offering to be my fairy guide through the magical forest.



This is Iceberg Point.



IMG_3430AdjustedIt has a nice view.*


IMG_3438This is looking back at Iceberg Point from the viewpoint of the top of the previous picture.


IMG_3442 Watmough Bay with Mount Baker in the background.


This is Shark Reef Sanctuary.

Looking in the other direction.

Another picture from near Shark Reef Sanctuary*.

IMG_3474I took four pictures of Barb at our campsite and she had her eyes closed in every one.

Barb organized the entire trip about two months ago. She made reservations for the campsite and got the last site on the entire island. We scouted around and found better campsites for our next visit but this wasn’t bad.

* Long legged woman not usually included. Barb wears pants with a 36” inseam. I’m 6’ 3” tall and have a 34” inseam.


4 thoughts on “Camping and hiking on Lopez Island

  1. My wife and I spent a few days on SJ and Orcas for our honeymoon back in May. Fantastic scenery, beautiful weather, and more Subarus than I’ve ever seen before. We had a great time!

  2. I wonder what forces of nature caused that little island to be so worn on top? Those small islands off the coast of California are always rough and uneven.

    • I don’t know for certain but during the last ice age the area had a mile of ice on top of it. Do you think maybe that could have made a difference?

      • That could be it. The coastline looks kind of “soft” around there too. No huge cliffs.

        Anyhoo — I’m just noticing the differences since it’s all West Coast.

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