Quote of the day—Jerry Larson/The Associated Press

Six witnesses interviewed by the AP describe a melee that began with a few pistol shots but was dominated by semiautomatic gunfire.

some officers carry semiautomatic weapons, which fire a single shot with every pull of the trigger and automatically reload between shots.

Jennifer Cicolani, of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, noted that a semiautomatic gun can shoot more bullets in less time than a small-caliber weapon.

Jerry Larson/The Associated Press
June 6, 2015
Semiautomatic gunfire dominated Waco biker shootout, several witnesses say
[There is so much crap for brains demonstrated here that I don’t even want to think about it.—Joe]


9 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Jerry Larson/The Associated Press

  1. I literally lol’d at that, particularly the last line. My guess is that his mind would melt if he knew that there exist, get this, semi-automatic guns in small calibers.

  2. So what’s next? “Journalist” Larson awarded Pulitzer Prize and “expert witness” Cicolani awarded Maximum Fiscal Year Bonus? That’s the way to bet, ain’t it?

  3. You see it as stupidity. I see it as part of a long term program of natural government expansion. It involves ignorance, sure, because ignorance is one of the requirements for the program’s success. The shocking portrayals of ignorance serve another important purpose. They keep the more knowledgeable people in a state of irritation, frustration and anger, where they can do nothing.

    The public school system is a key element in this de facto strategy.

    Bullies, losers, cowards and the class jokers (you knew all these people back in junior high school) know these simple manipulative tools instinctively. When they get into the government workplace, they’ll hire the dumbest, most broken, most suggestible people they can find. Partners in crime, so to speak.

    It provides a sort of zombie army. Orcs and trolls, dumbly and blindly serving the cause of the day. Millions of them. They can’t do much and they can’t think or act for themselves, but a zombie army is a valuable asset. They’re easily expendable and easily replaceable. Having nowhere else to go and no marketable skills to speak of, or having some skeletons in their closets, they are extremely loyal. Their leaders aren’t particularly smart either, as a rule, but they have one thing we’ll never have. A functioning hierarchy, and they have near absolute power over their lower tier followers.

    So don’t knock ignorance. It’s a powerful tool.

  4. Somewhere there simply MUST be an A/V recording of this that captures the
    sounds of the gunfire. It would be child’s play to determine how many pistol
    rounds vs rifle rounds were fired, in what order and in what number using
    audio forensic software. I suspect however that any such recording that may
    have existed will never see the light of day.

  5. So, is the gist of all this that something has happened AGAIN in Waco that will embarrass law enforcement?

    • So, is the gist of all this that something has happened that will embarrass law enforcement more than usual?


      The fact it occurred in Waco is just icing on the cake. Bear in mind that .gov workers have little appreciation of history. As in none, which is why there IS history.

  6. All small arms are small caliber…

    Kind of part of the definition…

    At least that’s the doctrine as taught to tankers.

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