Quote of the day—Robert W. Tyson

Former supreme courts could just as easily have interpreted that amendment to require gun ownership, be well-regulated and linked to a militia, except for single-shot rifles for hunting.

But that ship has sailed. To unilaterally disarm citizens would only leave them vulnerable to bad guys with guns. The darkness has won. Get used to the bloody carnage. Beelzebub must be gleeful.

Robert W. Tyson
June 23, 2015
Letter: Gun control ship has sailed
[“…courts could just have easily..”? I guess there are people that think that. There is no “original intent”. The words used don’t mean what they say. The courts can just make up whatever they want and insert words like “hunting” that have nothing to do with the Second Amendment.

Then Tyson goes on to say citizens can’t be unilaterally disarmed because they would become vulnerable to the bad guys. But then immediately says the current situation with citizens being armed results in “the darkness” having won and “bloody carnage”. But wouldn’t people have been vulnerable to bad guys even if they had been disarmed decades ago?

I think this guy has crap for brains.—Joe]


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  1. Mr. Tyson, you have it backwards. We’ve ALWAYS been vulnerable to the bad guys. Now that we have guns, we don’t have to be.

    Guns aren’t the darkness…guns DEFEAT the darkness.

  2. Unfortunately, John Roberts has ruled that words don’t mean what they say and has crap for brains, too.

  3. Well, with today’s King vs Burwell decision, it’s official. As far as the SCOTUS is concerned, the words mean nothing until the court rules, and nobody can read the law an understand it without a court ruling because words mean nothing.
    Sort of like the old joke about one umpire in a baseball game saying that he calls them as he sees them, and the other replying he calls them what they are, and the third rebuts that they are whatever he says they are. We are no longer a republic ruled by law, we are a corrupt bureaucratic oligarchy.
    It’s been a good run…. but it’s over.

    • So, now with words having no meaning until the court interprets them for the masses, we do not know what any law means until it comes back from the high priests holy of holies. The Senate and Congress no longer need the high salaries they get, nor do they need to be in session more than a week or so out of the year. They no longer need staffs of statute writers, since all they need to do is give the high priests of law a general request. Perhaps the title, and some language analogous to asking a tailor for a fully custom suit. It took over 100 years for the Administrative State to swallow Congress through the actions of this administration, I don’t think the next step, eliminating Congress as legislature will take as long.

      • We’re essentially there already. With two Progressive parties sharing power for the last 100 years, elections that end up with more votes than registered voters, and all the above herein, Congress is becoming more of a formality for the sake of appearances. At some point, and that isn’t far off, even the appearances will be abandoned, for young people are being indoctrinated such that they’ll cheer on the decline.

        I’m not saying that all hope is lost, but illustrating what it is we face. I don’t think the country we thought we grew up in exists any longer. The community organizers seem to be in charge.

        As I said before, it’s time for a horse to be elected to the Senate. Mitch McConnell doesn’t count because genetically he’s technically human.

    • The fact that most justices just make stuff up, without any interest in obeying the Constitution as they have sworn to do, is hardly new. The Kelo case, decided 10 years ago almost to the day, made this very clear. This new decision, just like the one about obamacare 3 years ago, are just more of the same.
      And yes, we’ve had “progressive” government, meaning the sort of setup Hamilton pushed for in the Convention, for over 100 years. Arguably, Lincoln started it, but it became standard practice with Teddy Roosevelt and continued pretty much continuously ever since. As a result we’ve had various wars, several depressions, lots of recessions, high taxes and inflation (same thing by a different label), and on and on. We have a Federal government that’s well over 90% unconstitutional, including every so-called “independent agency” (obvious by definition, since there are only 3 branches) and the majority of cabinet departments.

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