Quote of the day—Rich Hanlon

74% of gun owners support closing the gun show loophole. Not the subhuman NRA.

Rich Hanlon
June 23, 2015
Comment to Here’s the deal with the Australian gun control law that Obama is talking about
[This is what they think of us. We are subhuman if we don’t support closing a loophole that doesn’t even exist.

There is a reason they describe us as subhuman. It makes it easier to implement their solution to the “gun owner problem”.—Joe]


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  1. So…. in an article that focused on a mass confiscation…. written in reaction to a crime where the perp either went to an FFL himself or was given a gun by his father (if there’s more up to date data please correct me)….

    Halon goes on about gun shows.

    Right. This is like using a rash of arson to demand a machette ban.
    (Kind of like how killings using a pistol have spured dreams of confiscating rifles and shotguns. Oh I’m sorry it’s a “mandatory buy back”. )

    And Halon think’s *we’re* the sub humans.

    But let’s think about Halon’s case.

    Okay… current federal law says that *every* new gun already has to go through a background check. So a UCB law wouldn’t give more hurdles for sale of their wares. And it would remove a relative advantage of private sales.

    (Here’s a hint, you don’t see EA Games lobbying to make it easier for people to buy certian used videogames while having a mandatory background check for new ones).

    Now Halon maintains that the vast majority of gun owners think his way.

    Okay…. so that eliminates the gun manufatures, the gun sellers, and the gun buyers. Where does he think the reistance is coming from?

    Or does he think.?

    • Think?
      He doesn’t ‘think’. He’s incapable of ‘thinking’. All he can do is ’emote’. He’s also got the same malady as Mizz Peterson. Reason doesn’t work with him. He’s been told so many times that this ‘gun show loophole’ is so much BS that only someone mentally defective would persist, as he does.

      From all the comments I’ve read of Hanlon’s in the wacompost, he’s got an obsessive/compulsive disorder about gunshows.
      A one-trick pony.

      I know Joe and I don’t see exactly eye to eye on this but I still see this mental defect as a genetic one. IMO, they’re suffering from a fairly common genetic mutation that causes some malformation in the structure of the neurons of the brain. This causes a lack of reasoning ability and truth/falsehood detection. The also seem to live in their own version of reality, which has only a small intersection with the real world

      It has to be a common mutation as humanity has records of people like this since their has been recorded history.

      I’d also opine that, in humanity’s distant past, it was easily selected out by these people winning the ‘Darwin Prize’ rather early in life. Not so much today.

      However, things could change in a very short space of time if circumstances really got tough.

    • He’s a coward.

      He says things from what he considers the safety of internet anonymity that he wouldn’t dare say face to face due to almost instant consequences.

      All he does is show is how ‘little’ of a man he is.

  2. He thinks we’re subhuman for not supporting the abridgement of our own rights?

    Speaking of subhumans, and with all respect to Heinlein, “Anyone who cannot cope with logic is not fully human. At best he is a tolerable subhuman who has learned to wear shoes, bathe, and not make messes in the house.” (Heinlein used “math” instead of “logic”, but it still applies.)

    And with some leftists (looking at you, Occupiers!), the “bathe” part is a stretch.

  3. Last time I checked the NRA had a lot of LEOs, military, HCPs, pastors, and soccer moms as part of their membership. Seem pretty human to me. Actually, they seem to be pretty outstanding citizens and a good cross section of the population.

    So, Rich Hanlon is a bigot and ignorant.

    You want to know who is subhuman? The people that want to take away my ability to defend myself so they can then impose their will upon me, up to my “orderly disposal” if I do not comply because every law is backed up with the threat of force.
    Rich Hanlon, take a long look in the mirror, you are the savage beast you despise.

    • HCP= Health Care Professional?
      As an aside, I was in the VA ER (first time ever, yay) and found myself reluctant to tell ’em I hurt myself trying to zero my rifle scope. I think part of the reluctance was due to embarrassment over being stupid enough to get hurt, but mostly about what I was doing. The anti-gun propaganda had snuck in and messed with my head. And why, oh why, is a veteran-centered organization a gun-free zone?

  4. I had the misfortune of listening to NPR this afternoon. It was like being back in junior high school school. The thinking expressed in the quote comes from sources like NPR. That rot is regularly fed to people unfortunate enough to expose themselves to it and take it seriously.

    Today’s subject on the radio was a report saying that “other extremists” kill more people in the U.S. than self-described jihadists. These “other extremists” were of course described as “right wing” white supremacists, people who have problems with the government and neo Nazis. Never mind that the KKK has always consists of Democrats, the Nazis were socialists and anybody has problems with the government from time to time. Actual ideology (such as for example the principles of liberty and justice for all and those who oppose them) was of course never discussed.

    That they say this stuff with a straight face is astonishing enough. Their continued ignorance is even more astonishing, but their hutzpah is most amazing of all.

    In a not altogether unrelated story; my Progressive mother-in-law purchased a phono pre amp (at my suggestion some years ago) because they wanted to play old vinyl phonograph records once in a while. Someone, unbeknownst to her, had recently unplugged the phonograph from the pre amp and plugged another cord into it, presumably to play music through the sound system off of an iPod or some such.

    So you’re supposed to have the phono, the pre amp, and the main amp. In that order. Someone had, in their ignorance of amplifiers and pre amplifiers, interrupted that path. That was the problem.

    Progressive Mother-in-law, and all her Progressive associates, one with an engineering degree and one who’d been a public school math teacher and music geek for decades, could not figure out how to unplug the extra cord, plug the phonograph into the pre amp, and play music through the main amp. The pre amp was already properly connected to the main amp, so that didn’t even need to be figured out.

    It doesn’t get any simpler than that. All the jacks are labeled, and the cords are color coded as always, so it’s not as if you need to break out the schematics and a multimeter or anything, and yet a whole gaggle of Progressives had to give up, and later consult the only “expert” they knew (I was a semi professional sound engineer for around 30 years). When do I conclude that they really do know better and are just deliberately fucking with me? I don’t like asking that question, but it asserts itself.

    I told my wife on the way home that there is a creeping thick-headedness, a stupid disease, a form of zombie-ism, taking over our society. What’s happening to us and is there is any way of stopping it?

    Or has it always been like this?

    • My ex-brother-in-law, the admitted Marxist and a professor at a school of business, once received a used GPS from someone but didn’t know how to use it. I told him he could download the manual from the manufacture’s web site. He asked me to help with that. Okay. I found the link for him. He wanted more help. I printed it out on my printer with my paper and gave it to him. He then wanted me to read it and teach him how to use the GPS.

      I told him no.

      • Lyle’s and your example, Joe:
        “creeping thick-headedness”
        “stupid disease”

        Is we seeing a pattern here?

  5. Someone please tell me where all of these guns shows where you can get firearms sans checks are. No place near me, that is for sure.

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