Quote of the day—James Burdick

I believe he’s never seen a tough guy close up, or a drunk or a tough guy drunk on liquor or pcp. So I know he has no idea what he’s doing, but that he also probably has a very tiny wee-wee, which explains the gun.

James Burdick
June 15, 2015
James Burdick: My Visit to Costco in Bloomfield Hills and the Gun-Toting Twerp
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday! Via Sean Sorrentino on Facebook.

What I found most interesting about the article was that Burdick constructed a fantasy world around someone open carrying then started insulting the guy based upon the fantasy he had created. There were similar things in the comments too. What they “believe” is more important than reality. There is a technical term for that. Crazy.

I just call it crap for brains.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—James Burdick

  1. I was open carrying my .44 Mag while out hiking yesterday, then made a couple of stops in town along Highway 2 for lunch and snacks. I’ve never had any comments but positive ones, but I thought I’d remember this line from “Tombstone” in retort to any comments like those from Burdick.

    “You run your mouth pretty good for a man that don’t go heeled.”

    I’ve never quite figured out the logic behind the constant insults from the anti-gunners. Here, all us gun-owners are allegedly hair-trigger psychopaths, ready to kill at the drop of the hat, and heavily armed to do so – yet these twits have no issues with issuing the most provocative invitations to do just so. Is it really that they know they are spouting bullshit, do they want to provoke an incident, or have they not thought it out at all, and simply have crap for brains?

    • Because they know, at least on a subliminal level, that we are polite, and no matter what, the LAST thing we want to do in a given day is fire a shot in anger.

      Given the anger and vitriol they express in their posts, they must also know (again, probably at a subliminal level) that they are damaged and anti-social, and we are not.

      So they WANT to attack us, and they get to….so long as they do it by calling names.

      You don’t see people getting physical….even this jerk who claimed the open carry guy didn’t know how to use his gun, because THAT is where they get shot.

      You see people getting physical with police all the time, despite cops also being armed….but those people know that there are crazy procedural blocks before the cops can shoot.

      So, Defens, the answer is the same as why a dog licks his testicles….because he can.

    • Please note those brave words they post online are… online Not face to face. They are terrified of actual face-to-face confrontation, which is why they don’t go armed, knowing they might not be able to control themselves if they see something “wrong” that have “have” to take care of. I.e., projection (I think that’s SJW rule 3; they always lie, they always double-down, they always project)

      • You beat me to it.
        These people are cowards. You’ll notice in the article that his first instinct is to ask an insulting question.He never actually writes that he did ask the question, just that he enters his fantasy world.
        All these gutless wonders have is imagination. And their imagination seems to get their panties all in a wad.

  2. “No, I’m not expecting trouble, or I’d have brought a rifle. ”
    “You can see I’m carrying because you and others of your ilk saw fit to make it illegal for the law-abiding to carry concealed the way the criminal element do because, to make an “analogy” (look that word up, James “Voice of Reason and Humanity” Burdick) you are incapable of distinguishing between pushing little old ladies into the paths of trains and pushing them away from the paths of trains.

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