Quote of the day—Jewel Staite ‏@JewelStaite

Maybe that last tweet wasn’t clear enough: let’s take all the guns, lock them in a box, and drop it in the middle of the fucking ocean.

Jewel Staite ‏@JewelStaite
Tweeted on June 18, 2015
[She deleted the tweet above a short time later. Here is what she said about it:

Had to delete a tweet cuz someone whose name rhymes with Dadam Raldwin pointed his nutjob followers in my direction. The crazy be out today!

That would be Adam Baldwin who said:

@JewelStaite Would the “taking” be worth the bloodshed necessary to “take” all of the guns?

While I doubt that she has been convinced of the error of her thinking she has probably been harassed enough over this and it wouldn’t do any good to further aggravate her.

Think of it this way. In this case we have the police and the military on our side of the issue, as well as nine Supreme Court Justices who agree the right to keep and bear arms is an individual right. The anti-gun side has someone who plays make-believe for a living.

Basically I just wanted to remind you to never let anyone get away with telling you that no one wants to take your guns.—Joe]


13 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Jewel Staite ‏@JewelStaite

  1. Can we make sure it’s a watertight box? I’d want to Glomar Explorer the shit outta that collection once all the hubbub dies down.

  2. Another liberal female, keeping alive the “Beautiful but stupid” idea.

    • Indeed.
      Has she never been in a room alone with an unarmed man much larger, muscular, heavier, with longer arms, and more masculine than her and not felt some fear? What does she think the prescription for that situation should be or how one deals with her fear safely and realistically?
      Guns are not the only force multiplier in the world, neither are they the only means by which violence is transmitted.
      She should stick to reciting other people’s words with whatever emotional interpretation her director wants. She certainly can’t make sensible statements on her own.

  3. This is why I generally avoid following artists whose work I have enjoyed at some point.

    The good news is Kaylee Frye is a fictional character and I can disassociate the actress from the act.

    • That’s the wise, mature way to treat her. I wish more people (And not just the sort of people who’d get angry at Staite over her words) would treat actors this way.

  4. “…let’s take all the liquor, beer and wine, lock it in a box, and drop it in the middle of the fucking ocean.”

    That’ll work for sure. Well, depending on your objective, it’ll “work”. It won’t stop people from drinking of course, but it’ll certainly work to create chaos and empower the criminal element at the expense of liberty and justice.

  5. Well, actually only 5 Supreme Court justices and at least one of them won’t do anything about massive resistance to their rulings by the lower courts.

    • No, all nine justices agreed it was an individual right. They split 5-4 on DC’s regulations being excessive.

      • That doesn’t count. If they pretend to believe something but don’t act on that claimed belief, as far as I’m concerned the claim is fiction.

    • Actually, I think it’s (at least) two out of the five because AFAIK, it takes four justices to decide to take a case.

  6. People like Jewel genuinely seem to mean well, and honestly want the world to be a safer place. They just don’t understand that the “cures” they propose are worse than the situation as is and get butt hurt when you call them on their bullshit. Dunning Kruger effect illustrated. Not bad people, just simple thinkers.

    There are others who believe the same thing, but also know what would happen, and they believe that the chaos and suffering would be worth it. After all, can’t build your utopian omelette without breaking a few million eggs. Those people scare me.

  7. She feels comfortable making statements like that because she feels safe to do so, comfortable in the knowledge that it will not be her butt on the line should what she says she wants to come to pass be implemented. They are all like that, every gun control advocate.
    She is mistaken in the belief that she would be safe in such a situation. Clinton rules are in effect.

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