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Thank you for demonstrating the criminal mentality of conservative gun owners. Your comment was an excellent demonstration of how all conservative gun owners are guilty of illegally trafficking in firearms, and confirms a recent study which stated that over half of all rural white males who identify as conservatives have lent, gifted or sold a firearm to a friend or family member who was not able to own a gun because of past criminal convictions.

The Contentious Otter
June 10, 2015
Comment to Sensible Gun Regulation Isn’t Unconstitutional
[This is what they think of you. If you are a conservative gun owner you have a “criminal mentality”. And “all conservative gun owners are guilty of illegally trafficking in firearms.”

It’s hard for me to imagine that people like this exist. Who could believe this? Let alone not be embarrassed to say it out loud?

It’s quite apparent that either this person is living in some alternate universe and/or they have crap for brains.—Joe]


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  1. sirs:

    the point is long past when any logic and/or reason applied to this debate. don’t bother arguing facts w/ the bastards, as you cannot give ideology any pause w/ facts.

    these people do forget one thing.–

    we have the guns. they have hirelings w/ guns. my guess is that the hirelings will come over to our side when the shit hits the fan, as they are pretty much “us” anyway.

    if armed conflict comes, the liberal/progressive/commies are gonna be mighty lonely. and, exposed.

    we’ll see soon enough who is correct in their appraisal of such matters.

    john jay

    p.s. in the meantime, buy guns, ammo and the “fixin’s” to make both, and practice. hone your skills. fix your resolve, to the “sticking point.”

    • “if armed conflict comes, the liberal/progressive/commies are gonna be mighty lonely. and, exposed.”

      Don’t forget they’re allied with jihadists, crime gangs and communists worldwide. They have as much of an army as anyone, they’re probably more organized at this point and they own most of entertainment, education and media.

      The alliance of Liberty is mostly a very loose association (if it can even be called an association, which it really isn’t) of disparate individuals, with almost no organization, most of whom just want to be left alone, don’t tend to join groups, and especially dislike being given orders. We communicate mostly via internet, and that can be severely limited without much effort.

      No, Young Grasshopper, the enemy has the upper hand this time. They have all the heavy hardware too, the aircraft, satellites and the WMDs, and they largely control communication, transportation, food, drugs, banking and energy, which means they probably control your access to food and water and your ability to trade in dollars, plus they control your access to medical care, if you’re the average American. They know who you are, how you think, where you live, who you associate with, and they know most of your daily movements already. They probably know more about you than you, if they should care to look at your metadata. Your guns won’t help you very much with any of that, but they will help the enemy identify you as its enemy.

      • The liberals may control the administrative end of critical industries, but not so sure about the ranchers, truckers, linemen and technicians who actually make the infrastructure work. Not sure you’ll see the CEO of ConEd out there wrenching at a power plant.

      • We’re already the enemy, Lyle. Every man-jack one of us who thinks we’d like to do things OUR way is the enemy, to them. The firearm is just the tool, it’s the mindset that they hate.

      • I’m not sure if the enemy has the heavy hardware. They have the politicians, sure. And probably some of the generals (but I repeat myself). In the USA, I doubt they have much of the Army, because soldiers, unlike politicians, understand what an oath means. The left likes to portray the military as blindly obedient robots, but I have my doubts about that. And if they depend on that blind obedience for the destruction of liberty, they might find out that they miscalculated.
        The existence of the “Oathkeepers” organization is one reason I’m optimistic about this.

      • Wow, pre-emptive surrender. I guess to you liberty is not worth saving or defending because why bother, the government controls literally everything and it is also pointless and futile to stop them. If fact it cannot be stopped. You should just accept your fate if the government breaks down your door to send you on the cattle cars. And again wow. You’re using CSGV talking points.

        • There is something we aren’t being told here. Perhaps we are being told a flat out lie. How did the watches communicate their position to the police? Do they have a cell phone transmitter in them as well?

          The watches were in the trunk of the car. I’m skeptical about the signal transmission, both into by the GPS satellites and out by the watches, through the metal of the car body and the trunk lid.

          • Sounds like fiction. Given that the source is NBC, that is a very good assumption.

          • I don’t know. It’s mind-boggling to me.

            I’m familiar with the shop though, because I went into it once. Rolex is one of the cheaper brands of watches they carry. They carry Harry Winston, Vacheron Constantin, and super high end brands. They cater to the Asian tourist market.

            The story is pretty amazing because they must have been hired by someone. They were all strangers before the heist.

          • Not likely. It’s at least an order of magnitude too big. Take a look inside a watch (especially an expensive mechanical watch) — there is very little empty space inside.
            As soon as someone creates a GPS tracker the size of a grain of salt, this thing might be real. Until then, I’ll continue to dismiss the original “news” report as fiction.
            The puzzle is why NBC would make this up, other than the fact that they enjoy making things up, which we know they do.

          • This was in Los Angeles? There was a program some 25 years ago in which a special unit followed known violently dangerous felons around (or is it dangerously violent felons) until they began to rob or rape or murder or steal and swoop in like comic book super heroes and stop the criminal in the nick of time. I thought that program had been disbanded because of some high speed auto accidents involving innocent third parties but maybe not. The former USSR did not have a monopoly on Disinformation.

      • Well, I know where my brothers and their wives live, for four, right now.

  2. “It’s quite apparent that either this person is living in some alternate universe and/or they have crap for brains.”

    He’s living in the authoritarian universe, having allied himself with, and adopted the mindset of what he sees as Authority. There’s nothing unusual or surprising in that. It’s how you get a whole country informing on each other and rounding up a whole race, or class, of people for extermination. It happens all the time.

    AND I point out that he is also quite correct in his assessment, from the authoritarian point of view. If you believe that the Bill of Rights says what it says, AND you act accordingly, you are in fact a “criminal”.

    Yes; it has come to that. It came to that before we were born. Time we best realize it.

  3. He also points out the Catch-22 of gun laws. Enact some ridiculous legislation – like a gun ban for people who plead guilty to a minor infraction that COULD have carried a short jail term. Loan this now upstanding citizen a gun to go hunting or target shooting. Presto – you are now an unknowing felon – and the all-knowing background check might not even pick up on an ancient incident.

    As has been pointed out – they already believe that anyone who would want to own a gun is already a criminal. The strategy is to clog up the system with so many conflicting and malum prohibitum gun laws that no one can navigate the system without committing a felony.

    Got an AK-47 that relies on a mag with a US-made floor plate to meet the 922(r) “Sporting Rifle” regs? Stick a Russian made mag into it? GUILTY!

    Silver solder breaks loose on the flash hider on your 14.5″ AR-15 barrel? GUILTY of owning an unregistered SBR.

    I have a friend who, as a young guy, innocently took a rental car out of state and was late in returning it. The rental agency was all out of sorts and had him arrested. He was charged with Grand Theft – Auto. Rather than fight it, he plea bargained to a misdemeanor of some sort and was released on probation. Years later, he was informed that since the initial charge was a felony and could have had a sentence of greater than a year – he was now ineligible to own a gun. Took quite a while and a lot of money to get his rights restored.

    • That’s a good argument for why the “felons should not be allowed to own guns” rule is unconstitutional. It could be defended (though it’s still debatable) for *violent* felons, but to deny basic human rights to those convicted of tax evasion or the like is not correct.

  4. Sense this makes none of, however search terms seem to SPAM indicate. Perhaps Robo troll? Suggest poster Nigeria return to.

  5. I noticed that the “survey” was not cited so I’m throwing the B.S. flag.

  6. This Otter guy is a legal positivist. The law is what is enacted. To him there is nothing like natural law, nor anything that to him should not be made illegal nor anything that could not in some circumstance or another be illegal (or for that matter, legal).

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