Quote of the day—Elizabeth Price Foley

Alumni of the UC system should immediately cease wasting their charitable dollars on such an anti-intellectual, fascist institution. And any intelligent young person should avoid it like the plague. The system has clearly been captured by individuals with micro-brains possessing micro-tolerance and micro-confidence. It is–like too many institutions of “higher” learning–a place where critical thinking goes to die.

Elizabeth Price Foley
June 16, 2015
[Examples from the “faculty training guide” (if they pull that copy I have another here) include:

  • “America is the land of opportunity”
  • “America is a melting pot”
  • “I believe the most qualified person should get the job.”
  • “Affirmative action is racist.”
  • “Everyone can succeed in this society, if they work hard enough.”
  • “When I look at you, I don’t see color.”
  • “I don’t believe in race.”
  • “Gender plays no part in who we hire.”

And my favorite part is from the Fox News story on the training guide, “According to psychological and public health research, micro-aggressions can lead to negative  health consequences including heart disease, diabetes, depression and substance abuse.”

Outward appearances suggest people that came up this must have solved all the other problems in their utopia and had to mine for nuggets in the world’s deepest mines to find the concept of “micro-aggressions” worthy of more than a few milliseconds of their time.

But Occam’s Razor tell us the simpler hypothesis is the most likely to be true. Therefore I have to conclude the real explanation is “crap for brains”.—Joe]


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  1. “According to psychological and public health research” – by fact-challenged students at liberal institutions….., “micro-aggressions can lead to negative health consequences including heart disease, diabetes” – in sharp contrast to all the real research that has been accomplished over the past five decades….” depression and substance abuse” and sad pandas, too.

  2. Is it a micro-aggression, and does it require a trigger warning, to mock the morons who dream this crap up?

  3. To “conclude” that those in the education establishment have crap for brains is really only the beginning isn’t it?

    There is a reason and an impetus behind it– The purpose of government-involved “education” is to instill and promote the Progressive mindset (the notion that the role of government is to mold and shape society, rather than, and in opposition to, securing the rights of the individual).

    Any actual learning that may take place, to the actual advantage of the student, is quite beside the point and any effort applied to that end, if and when it occurs at all, is for the purpose of maintaining the ruse. If it (real learning) can be avoided entirely, so much the better.

    Being that the Progressive movement stands in opposition to the discernment capability, the creative, intuitive mind of Man, Progressives must therefore do whatever it takes to circumvent and co-opt the discerning mind of the individual. “Crap for brains” is the goal, and the means to further the Progressive cause. This war* in which we are engaged is a war against the mind and spirit of Man.

    Public schools and universities are war colleges then, churning out soldiers by the millions.

    *We may not be engaged in this war, but the Progressives and other authoritarians (the alliance of the Dark Side if you will) are very much engaged. This phase of the war is largely psychological, and so “education” is and has been a vitally important weapon.

  4. “A person asking an Asian American or Latino American to teach them words in their native language”

    Well shit, somebody shoulda told my Jr. High Spanish teacher Sra. Aldrete (not the Mexican death cult lady- I think) that she was being paid to subject herself to our microaggressions for YEARS.

    And on that note, why the hell does this not apply to the European immigrants? And does is apply TWICE to my Senegalese French teacher, who was teaching us white kids not his native tongue, but rather the language of his colonial oppressors?

    I feel triggered now.

    • That one stood out for me too. Especially coupled with the “micro aggression” listed immediately below it:

      Continuing to mispronounce the names of students after students have corrected the person time and time again. Not willing to listen closely and learn the pronunciation of a non-English based name.

      You better learn their name real well, but you’re a racist bastard if you try to learn any words beyond that.

  5. My guess is that the guardians of moral purity get their jollies (or bribes) from being in control of the enforcement process.

    • Jollies, perhaps, but also bribes and/or paychecks. Consider the original entitlement pimp, Al Sharpton — he makes his living pretending this stuff is real. And an op-ed in today’s WSJ made me realize that there are feminism pimps, too, the same sort of parasite with a slightly different label on the outside.

  6. Perhaps these twits have been so pampered their entire academic lives that they have no idea of what real aggression is? Maybe they should be required to pick up a few CEUs every summer by going to a 1960’s era boot camp, manned by ornery DIs, who’d just as soon screw off their heads and defecate down their lungs as look at them. With a taste of what actual chastisement and humiliation is all about, perhaps they’d get a fresh perspective on all this fake crap they continue to invent.

  7. Ever read the Giver? Or seen the movie? I think I know what kind of society they want to build as their “utopia.”

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