This is what they think of you

Via a Tweet from Robb Allen we have this Tweet:

@ItsRobbAllen @DLoesch lol there is no need to de-humanize a gun-toting xtian conservative, that’s as far from human as you can get.

An attitude like this makes it all the easier to justify loading up the trains.

I would like to suggest that with this particular minority the task is much easier said than done.


11 thoughts on “This is what they think of you

    • I do have an email address you can use to suggest things like this you know. 😉

      Thanks for the invite. I just signed up. I was going to Idaho this weekend anyway so it is almost on my way there.

  1. Problem with those people is that they don’t think far enough ahead. The ones loading the trains are usually the ones WITH. THE. GUNS.

    • Doesn’t matter to Quislings like him. He’ll be dutifully donning his brown shirt and ratting out all his neighbors to the Stazi.

  2. Does this individual realize that the gun-toting Christian conservative is exactly what our Founding Fathers were?

    I feel pretty darn human and want to be left alone and with a functional and non-corrupt government that protects my liberties.

    It’s people like this individual who seem to have lost their humanity and who need to be reminded about morality and so forth. Oh well, Molon Labe!

    • Oh, he knows. He hates them too. As far as he’s concerned, rights are what the government says they are, and if you object, well, you’re just clearly a kulak, er, terrorist.

    • Gun toting, sure. Christian, many yes, some no. Freedom loving, yes.
      The problem with people emphasizing the “Christian” part is that it’s an unnecessary red flag to people who are not, and who worry about specific religious preferences being used as a reason to limit other people’s freedom. There is, unfortunately, way too much precedent for that. And not only is it an unnecessary red flag, the statement is demonstrably false, too.

      • Also overthrowing a long-standing government, and taking up a very rare and rather experimental Constitutional Republic.

        They weren’t exactly “Conservative” by the dictionary definition.

        • It wasn’t exactly ‘overthrowing’ in my opinion. The American Revolution was more like a pocket civil war. Even up to the last minute, the settlers in the proto-U.S. viewed themselves as British.

          I wonder what might have happened if George III had dropped dead unexpectedly, William Pitt had managed to hold onto his post as PM, and cooler heads in Parliament had prevailed.

          • There’s a nice alternate-history SF story lurking in that outline. A bit like “A transatlantic tunnel, hurrah” by Harry Harrison (different premise, but same outcome in that America is still part of GB).

      • Yes, a few were theists, but most were Christians. Note, I was responding to his “xtian” which I assumed was an abbreviation for Christian.

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