3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Rowan‏@therowanlee

    • So now the bigots get to define the limits of their bigotry.

      Not “the limits of their bigotry”, so much as the limits of bigotry itself.

    • He’s not calling us racists and sexists, so that would appear to be an improvement.

      I know how it works though; the hate exists independently of the rationalization, or pretext, of the moment. Discredit one pretext, force a person to abandon it, and he’ll come up with another. It doesn’t matter.

      One color of smoke does as well as another. The pretext was never the motivation for the hate in the first place–It’s just a sad attempt at making sense of the senseless.

      I’d have more respect, if respect is possible, for the pissed-off authoritarians if they’d drop the whole pretext/rationalization bit altogether. At least that way they’d look slightly less insane. The tortured knots of non-logic they use now just make them look more tragic, dishonest, unhinged and stupid.

      Pure hate of human rights I can at least understand even of I see it as a disease. Hate with an insane rationalization is only that much more pathetic.

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