Front sight problems

I’m not the only one to recently have problems with the front sight of their new gun (H/T to gonxau):

He also had problems with the rear sight. I’m not up to 500 rounds yet so I may have problems as well by the time I shoot that many rounds in my new gun.

Slightly off topic… I should soon have some microscope pictures from the gun barrel that died in April. The reason why it split is apparently quite unusual. Assuming I have permission I’ll share everything after I get the pictures.


5 thoughts on “Front sight problems

  1. That grip safety looks evil, but it is an interesting video. Seeing two slugs exit in tandem from a pistol is…novel.

    And yes; I’ve had a front sight shoot lose on a 30 Carbine (twice) and a Winchester 94. Both bought new. I’ve also had the rear sights fall apart on both, and the rear sight come loose on a Marlin 22 carbine. Other than that though, and maybe one or two other failures I’ve forgotten, good ole iron sights are 100% reliable. ; )

    I never shot my Glock enough I guess, because the sights on the one I got in ’94 never did come loose, but then they’re plastic so they don’t count as iron sights. If I’d replaced them with expensive tritium iron sights, maybe they’d have failed several times by now, just like the ones used by serious shooters. ; )

    • They really should round the edges on that safety. And the shooter should have been smart enough to put on gloves after a few shots.

  2. Very nice review. That beaver tail does look evil… Anyhow, can someone explain to me why this isn’t an automatic weapon according to federal definition? Being that it fires more than one bullet with one trigger pull. If it’s legal, why is a 3-round burst on an AR not?

    • Someone, somewhere (Say Uncle commenter?) suggested it was because double barrel shotguns which shoot two rounds with a single trigger pull are legal.

      But that, of course, raise the question of whether two round burst on an AR would be legal. I suspect the answer is, “No! Because it’s black.”

    • There is solace to be had in understanding that it is pointless to attempt to resolve illogic and insanity. Simply recognizing insanity as such is all that’s necessary.

      The communist-instigated youth movement of the 1960s helps us out even further. They openly discussed using insanity as a weapon against western society, or as they called it, The System, and right there we see the whole game.

      In a general sense, evil and insanity are two sides of the same coin. Tricking you into trying to resolve the illogic is a favorite game, and it works near 100% of the time.

      To answer the question of “why isn’t it considered a full auto?” then, is that it doesn’t matter so long as it bothers you, distracts you, makes you wonder, makes you look to government for the answer to a meaningless question, makes you angry, etc. Illogic works against you no matter what you do with it, see? The point is that you’re doing something with it. Sucker.

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