Orange is a special color

The anti-gun people were asking that everyone wear orange yesterday to support them. As with Sebastian, I didn’t see anyone wearing orange all day. But an interesting observation was made by Miguel and CCRKBA. Miguel is rather subtle so I’ll use CCRKBA’s words to provide the detail for those anti-gun people who are little on the slow side:

Today’s nationwide effort by the Michael Bloomberg-supported Everytown for Gun Safety to promote the wearing of orange garments in an effort to push the gun control agenda at least uses a color so many of Bloomberg’s former colleagues are already wearing, in prison, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms observed.

“We’ve been watching social media throughout the day, and we’re stunned that the organizers of this event chose the same color that many prison inmates, including several ex-members of Bloomberg’s other group, the Mayors Against Illegal Guns, are wearing every day of the year,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb. “At least they’re sticking with a color familiar to so many anti-gun politicians.”

Two Bloomberg-supported groups, Everytown and Moms Demand Action, along with other gun control organizations – essentially the entire gun prohibition lobby – are endorsing and participating in today’s “wear orange” effort.

“When this publicity stunt was launched,” Gottlieb observed, “the organizers tried to peddle this as an adoption of the color that hunters wear for safety in the field. What they didn’t expect, however, is that millions of hunters and gun owners are now fighting back, reminding the gun grabbers on social media that orange is also the color of prison jumpsuits.

“At least we’ll see the anti-gunners coming from a long way off,” he chuckled, “but we can’t be sure if they’re just misguided protesters, or jail escapees. In either case, we’re advising our members to not let anybody wearing orange get too close today.

“What is truly deplorable,” Gottlieb added, “is that this effort tries to send a subliminal color-coded message, linking crime and violence to legitimate hunting and recreational shooting. Maybe next year, the gun prohibition lobby should just wear black and white stripes.”

It’s no wonder they chose orange to represent their people. It’s what so many of them wear on a day-to-day basis.


6 thoughts on “Orange is a special color

  1. At the behest of the anti-rights crowd, I wore orange yesterday… while peacefully openly carrying at Home Depot and Harris Teeter.

    My local theater prohibits carry, but I figure my logo and Rifleman patches on my sporran got the point across.

  2. Funny! Here in Wisconsin, the DNR may allow pink in addition to orange in an attempt to attract women to hunting. Turns out it isn’t just bureaucratic sexism at work as the two colors have almost the same power distribution across the spectrum, whatever that means. So, it’s scientific!

  3. This all makes perfect sense. The people who wear prison orange are, after all, the main beneficiaries and biggest supporters of gun bans.

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  5. So, next time they want to do this will they use a different color, perhaps yellow?
    Yellow is the color they use in the California court system to denote criminal defendants who are nut cases (to use the vernacular).

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