6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Jesse Hattabaugh ‏@arkanciscan

  1. It could work both ways I suppose;
    Progressives are paranoid, insecure and have small penises, therefore they are at the same time morbidly afraid of, and jealous of, an armed citizenry. Then I could add “goes without saying” and I have thus, in my own mind, proved my “point”.

    • We could expand on that and say that these are the reasons Progressives cannot trust citizens with their rights in general.

      • What’d you expect? Small minds are easily amused, after all.

        • As my mother said once, if you tell the same joke every day, eventually you stop laughing at it, and eventually it isn’t funny anymore.
          It isn’t supposed to be a joke, it’s supposed to be ridicule, so the object of the ridicule will slink off in embarrassed silence instead of parrying with a crushing riposte, like “One should be more worried about people who compare weapons to genitals and then want to take weapons away from the mass of men. According to Freud, that’s a castration complex projected onto others that has been combined with an antisocial desire to control others forcibly and sexually.”

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