Quote of the day—Art Burr

There was a time when gun ownership made some sense, when people needed them to provide food or protection for themselves and their families or for the common defense. Such needs do not exist today.

It is time to grow up, put away our macho toys and recognize that the ready availability of guns is the problem and not the solution – to anything.

Art Burr
May 20, 2015
There’s no need for guns anymore
[Via email from Bob, 3 Boxes of BS.

Don’t let anyone get away with telling you that no one wants to take your guns.—Joe]


10 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Art Burr

  1. That’s a relief! It’s all clear now, and we can disarm.

    I wouldn’t want the nice progressive to think I’m not grown up!

    • Wait, we got rid of all the criminals? Man, I am really out of the loop. I could have sworn that just yesterday there was anti-police rioting and a biker gang war. Does this mean I can keep my car unlocked now?

  2. Is the author of that quote willing to pay restitution should I be mugged, along with my hospitalization and lost wages?

    If not, I don’t believe he has the courage of his convictions.

    • Presumably he also would not disarm the police. Or private security guards employed by “the aristocracy of pull”.

  3. He forgot the primary reason for owning firearms – small dicks! I’m sure that problem has not gone away, so it would be premature to disarm.

    • Argumentum ad hominem. Small dicks, paranoia, fear, racism, homophobia, general stupidity, some pathological need to feel superior, et al. What’s the difference? The charge of immaturity works as well as the others. The guy was probably just short of time, else he could have used all of them in the same comment.

      We certainly can’t talk about principles because that would mean the Progressives (incremental communists) lose every time, so we have to change the subject and make it about you and the pathologies that make you want a gun.

  4. Regarding Koning’s comment about police. I’ve often made the point that the argument has NEVER BEEN about WHETHER anyone shuld have a gun. It’s always been about WHO should have a gun. Progressives are cool with criminals and police and other government types having guns.

    SOMEONE has to be able to provide the force behind the threats that are the foundation of all collectivist schemes. Progressivism, after all, can be defined as the reliance on force and the threat of force as a means of shaping and controlling society.

    Naturally then, THEY need the guns, and YOU must be weakened, de-horned and demoralized to the greatest extent possible or the whole thing falls flat on its ugly face.

    THEREFORE, as always, your peace and security depends solely on you keeping your morals and principles (along with your guns of course). If we lose it we have only ourselves to blame, for, after all, did you ever expect the bad guys to leave you alone out of compassion and principles? I hope not.

    It should be taken as a given that are and will always be those who cannot or will not play nice. It is up to the rest of us then to stand up to them and correct their ways. Our PROBLEM of course is that we can always find excuses for failing to do so. I’ve done it myself, straight up, and I bet ten bucks that 99% of you have too.

    • “Progressivism, after all, can be defined as the reliance on force and the threat of force as a means of shaping and controlling society.”
      Excellent condensation of the guiding principle of Leftism.

      It goes back to Marko Kloos and “The Rifle is Civillzation”; with firearms in the hands of commoners government (and muscular thugs, but I repeat myself) have to use persuasion instead of force.

  5. I really howl at the, “Such needs do not exist today.”

    Last time I checked we still have crime in America, we have terrorist threats against soft targets that could happen here (think Beslan and mall shootings), we have the police driving MRAPS and looking all ninja-cool in their tactical black, and we have the Feds with every stinking alphabet soup three letter moniker department abusing us (e.g. TSA, FDA, BLM, bATFe, NSA, FBI, DOJ).

    Besides the first American Revolution, I don’t think we are too far behind needing another house cleaning if their push becomes a shove. So, we need the Second Amendment now more than ever.

    Art Burr wants to shame us into giving up our firearms. Not going to happen.

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