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A simple repeal of the 2nd amendment coupled with a replacement that clearly states what you can and cannot have access to (i.e. MAYBE a single manual hunting rifle or shotgun), plus a government buyback of existing guns and ammo, should do the trick over time.

But it MUST start with putting the gun manufacturers out of business. They need to be shut down immediately.

Paul O’Brien
May 21, 2015
Comment to John Traphagan: When will we examine our heavily armed culture?
[H/T to Hazmat who sent me an email about something else contained here.

Don’t ever let anyone get away with telling you that no one wants to take your guns.

This guy has total crap for brains.

A “simple repeal of the 2nd Amendment”? No such thing is possible.

Roughly 300 million guns, plus ammo, at market value would be roughly $300 billion dollars assuming everyone politely brought them to the local collection point. Add in the cost of those who would turn in their guns only when they were out of ammo and I expect the cost would be an order, or two, of magnitude larger.—Joe]


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  1. I left a comment five days ago, maybe the day after the Op-Ed was published. Read through the comments. I’m glad to see many standing up for their rights and challenging the grabbers…

    “JT is not only unaware of the Constitution, current laws in Texas, trends in gun rights laws, but reality too.

    His premise is based on faulty logic. The gangs that engaged in this skirmish aren’t interested in utopian weapons laws. Many of these folks were likely precluded from owning or posessing firearms, yet, they had them. Why? They are criminals that don’t care about the laws we have today and wouldn’t care about the laws JT would see passed.

    The criminals would still have access to firearms. Law abiding citizens would have additional restrictions placed on them and likely be less able to protect themselves from criminals like these.

    I’ll take a wild guess that JT would see concealed carry done away with and would also like to scuttle the Castle Doctrine related laws and re-introduce the duty to retreat.”

    • “JT is not only unaware of the Constitution, current laws in Texas, trends in gun rights laws, but reality too.”</em"

      It's the loss of connection with reality that results in all the other discernment failures. It's not that a person becomes unaware of the constitution, it's that a disconnect with reality means it no longer carries any meaning for him.

      It's similar to how a very drunk person can lose all sense of propriety. The drunk has the advantage though, in that he'll be sober in the morning whereas a Progressive will still be a fool. The body doesn't metabolize Progressivism the way it does alcohol, so Progressivism tends to build up to highly toxic levels in the brain.

  2. What could someone do with a single hunting rifle?

    They’re harmless. Just ask JFK.

    Dude is dumb.

  3. Do as O’Brian says and you’ll have the rule of the jungle. See what gun control and confiscation, combined with rampant druglord warfare is like south of the border, where the government colludes with the cartels and innocents are completely caught in the crossfire. The Autodefense citizen militias have sprung up there because the represent the only law that innocent citizens can look to for protection.

  4. Ok. But I get to set the price. Gun grabber Chris Rock said we should charge 100 or was it 1000 per bullet. Then there will be brass,powder primers and a premium charge for assembled rounds. Now how do I bill you for an item that will never be again available? Lets start at a million per pump gun and then go up from there.

    Oh that’s not what you had in mind? Then bugger off.

  5. Add in the fact that any adulteration of the original Bill of Rights would probably trigger the loss of a number of states from the Union. Founding documents for some states made the passage of the BoR a requirement for them to join. I seem to recall that some later states also have similar provisions in their state joining. Constitutional Crisis, anyone?

    • The departure of some number of States from the “Union” is, IMO, a desirable and probably inevitable event. The essential differences between the Progressives and the opposition are so great and fundamental that voluntary partition would be our optimal future. Failing that, we’ll probably follow a path that more closely follows that of the former Yugoslavia.

  6. These bastards hide behind the First Amendment and use that to attack the Second Amendment. In a purer simpler time he’d be rounded up, tarred, feathered and run out of town on a rail.

    • Note though that they don’t like the first amendment either. They only support free speech for fellow travelers.

  7. @ Dan: + Infinity.

    @ Mr. O’Brien: The more you tighten your grip, the more free people will slip through your fingers.

    For every gun manufacturer you shut down, 1000 more will spring up, making simple and effective weapons such as the Sten gun(a full-auto 9mm machine pistol), grenades and other destructive devices. Of course, they won’t give a damn who they sell these weapons to, regardless of criminal history, age, maturity level or anything that doesn’t directly relate to their ability to pay.

    Don’t believe me? We shut down the alcohol manufacturers almost 100 years ago. Do a little research and tell me how that worked out.

    Ignoramus. 🙄

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