Quote of the day—Brandon Smith

Each citizen is his first and best line of defense.

Only when the American people take on the philosophy of self-defense rather than government reliance will we be free of fear from terrorism and free of fear from tyrannical government. It starts with each of you, in your homes, neighborhoods, towns and counties. Citizen organizations for mutual aid and security to counter any threat, regardless of the mask it wears, will be the catalyst for a legitimately free society. In the face of such organization, martial law is not only illegitimate, but entirely unnecessary. ISIS does not matter. It is what we ultimately do about ISIS or similar threats that matters…

Brandon Smith
May 20, 2015
Is Martial Law Justified If ISIS Attacks?
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Brandon Smith

  1. Look back upon the reaction to the Boston Marathon bombers escape attempt. That’s what the “authorities” would see on a national basis… “Shelter in place”, another term for hiding like scared mice. Allow the “professionals” to handle the situation. Yes, the same ones we saw with optics mounted backwards and opposite handed for the action of a rifle.

    No, I much prefer the vision presented by Brandon Smith.

    • One good way to get a feeling for how “professional” the response from the Boston authorities was, is to watch the video of the Watertown shootout, and listen to the hundreds if not thousands of rounds being fired into the dark, when no one had any idea where the bad guy was.
      On martial law: there is nothing even resembling that anywhere in the Constitution.

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