Quote of the day—Jody Powell

As much as I hate to say it, the NRA is effective primarily because it is largely right when it claims that most gun control laws inconvenience and threaten the law-abiding while having little or no impact on violent crime or criminals.

Jody Powell
Former President Carter press aide
January 1994
George Stephanopoulos sought gun control debate in Bill Clinton administration
[H/T David Hardy.

Gun rights advocates have been saying this for at least five decades. The Clinton administration knew this over two decades ago. If you listened carefully to the anti-gun politicians and even most of the leaders of the anti-gun organizations you would find they use evasive wording when they talk about gun control. It was, and still is, very clear they know gun control doesn’t and can’t reduce violent crime. I’m certain the Obama administration knows this as well.

So what is the real reason they advocate for gun control?

Whatever the answer is, it can’t be good.—Joe]


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  1. That opening phrase “as much as I hate to say it” is very revealing. It says the speaker wants to take our guns away, but he recognizes that his attempts to do so have been blocked by good defense.
    Given that he’s a liberal, and a former employee of our second worst president (and arguably stupidest), that’s not exactly a surprise.

  2. Those who would rue over others have feared guns in the hands of the polity ever since the Match Lock was superseded by Flint/Steel ignition types and the people had access to truly concealable weapons. In that day, to be assured of accuracy, you had to get rather close to the ‘client’.

    Then rifles came along and scared them even more since an assassin didn’t have to get close anymore.

  3. “So what is the real reason they advocate for gun control?”

    Come on, baby, you KNOW the reason. CONTROL. As you like to say: Hence, Boomershoot.

    • I think it varies depending on the person. Many just hate guns (they may believe guns are inherently evil). Some have evil plans.

      I meant the question to be asked of each person that advocates for it. If they give a straight answer then you expose them. If they give an evasive answer you make them suspect.

  4. “…what is the real reason they advocate for gun control?”

    You need only to understand the genesis and history of the Progressive movement to answer that question. In short; it is a war against the American principles of liberty, i.e. a war against humanity. Progressives and communists disagree vehemently on the matter of tactics only, though some are more globalist and others or more nationalist.

    The Progressive mind is allied with the Dark Side against human rights (individual sovereignty). Anything you say or do in defense of liberty therefore makes you an infidel, an apostate, a blasphemer and so on. You’re the enemy, therefore ANYTHING that can be done to defeat you, debase you, degrade you, frustrate you, and so on, is not only justified but laudable. If it means breaking the law then so be it– Sometimes it takes “courage”. The only inhibition lies is in deciding what can be gotten away with at the moment, and that range is expanding, generally, day by day.

    The Progressive mind is clever and relentless in its purpose. As it takes a loss over here, it is working diligently over there to further its cause. It is patient. Progressivism, by definition, is a war of slow attrition. Get what you can when you can get it, keep laying the groundwork and building the infrastructure. Take your losses but never lose sight of the big picture.

    The right to keep and bear arms is a potent symbol of individual sovereignty, and as such it is a high value target in this war. Simple as that. ANYTHING that degrade your individual sovereignty is fair game, from taxation to drug laws to public “education” and entertainment media, to the EPA to high tech surveillance to militarizing the police. Whatever puts you off your game and prevents you from living your own life. That’s a long-winded way of saying it is a war of evil against good.

    Once enough people realize this, the game is over for Progressives. That is the reason for the words “As much as I hate to say it”. The allies of the Dark Side know instinctively that the plain, simple, unadorned truth is their deadliest enemy of all.

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