9 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Tanya @TanyaInAlameda

  1. Don’t they think about anything besides gun owner’s dicks? Seems a little obsessive to me.

  2. For being ronery, the secret vagina club sure seems prolific.

  3. I’m not I sure I understand. The sign recommends buying a gun, but has an anti-NRA symbol, which would seem inconsistent. OK, there are gun owner advocates besides the NRA. Does Tanya prefer the SAF, JPFO or the GOA, and If so, why is she not specific? Why single out the NRA? Why does she want more small penised men to buy guns? Are they under represented in the gun owner demographic? Are men with small penises somehow more in need to defend themselves? If so, who is attacking them, and how do they know about the size of their penises? So many unanswered questions.

    On the other hand, maybe Tanya is too emotionally agitated to see that she’s posting gibberish.

  4. Small brain ? Impose on other people’s rights. What makes these jerks believe their rights trump ours ?

  5. With two small changes, it would make more sense:
    1) Remove the “no NRA” graphic.
    2) Change the word “Small” to “No”.

    Now, that would be good advice.

    • You sure you want to go from “small” to “no”? Remember the gun grabbers are saying WE’RE the smalldicks. Or are you addressing them as nodicks?

      • I think he’s trying to encourage more women to buy guns & join the NRA.

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