8 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Don MacLeod @halcyondon

  1. Wow. I wonder how often these poor mentally disturbed creatures sit around and think about our presumed thought processes? I think about guns every once in awhile, just as I think about motorcycle riding, hiking, and gold prospecting. You know, almost like a balanced individual might think periodically about his or her favorite recreational activities.

    You have to wonder what percent of the day these warped folks sit and fantasize about this stuff? As Joe points out, it really does appear to be a mental condition.

    • Just the sort of thing an under-endowed male would say.

      See? That only took a few seconds. MacLeod probably didn’t put any more time into it than that, and he got two whole paragraphs out of you. That’s the whole game right there, from start to finish. Throw a random insult at your political opposition, watch them respond. Throw out another insult, watch them respond. Isn’t this fun? Now who’s in control?

  2. “I understand you just lurrrve yr guns. Makes the inadequate feel good. Nice culture.”

    This makes as much logical sense as Calvin saying to Hobbes: “This is you!” and making faces.

    Impugning someone else’s motives — or making them up out of whole cloth — is the easiest thing in the world. It’s unfortunate that people are as impressed by it as they are; they really shouldn’t be. When someone says “The only reason you do X is because you’re Y!”, I’m tempted to respond: “I pity your poor imagination. I have far better reasons than that.”

  3. I don’t even remember this insignificant little twit.

    It continues to spew hateful nonsense, though. As a quick glance at its feed will show.

  4. “Makes the inadequate feel good.”

    Self-disproving statement. If it were true, more liberals would buy guns.

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