Boomershoot image caption contest

Come up with the best caption for this image from Boomershoot 2015 in the comments and I’ll give you a free Boomershoot 2015 shirt, mug, or thong. Family and Boomershoot staff are welcome to participate but won’t be getting a free anything out of it.

My decision is autocratic, final, and may appear to be at random.


My thoughts are as follows:

  • Impressive stick throwing from 375 yards away.
  • You’ve proven yourself with the hastily constructed spears.Now try using lead projectiles to get detonations.
  • The BC of wood projectiles is too low to retain enough velocity for reliable detonation.
  • I know reloading components have been tough to come by recently but this substitute doesn’t have much future.

28 thoughts on “Boomershoot image caption contest

  1. “We finally found the backpack-wearing vampire on the darkest night of the year, and we drove the stake right through his heart.”

  2. Archeologists unearth the first evidence that early hunter/gatherer societies liked shit that goes *BOOM*.

  3. A three year joint study released by the RAND Corporation has determined that budget cuts resulting in the substitution of copper and lead bullets with cheaper wooden projectiles have shown a decreased performance in actual use. The amount of savings by using wood has not shown to actually save users money and 4 out of 5 experts polled agreed that copper and lead was the optimal bullet material. The fifth expert requested the study be extended by another year to test the new Weyerhauser softwood root projectile at another training event.

  4. Japanese tentacle hentai changes somewhat when produced in the US.

  5. Then there’s the Gary Larson angle;

    “Though impressively well versed in Paleolithic field craft, Grok was not up to the task at hand.”

  6. If you can’t hit it with a rifle, get close and try something else!

  7. Joe’s experiments using the atlatl, found that the dog-legged dart retained a sufficient amount of velocity over the required stand-off distance, but accuracy degraded compared to the traditional straight shaft, which lost too much energy. Boomershoot Alternative Targeting Device Investigative Studies will continue.

  8. “No boom today. Boom tomorrow. There’s always a boom tomorrow. What? Look, somebody’s got to have some damn perspective around here! Boom. Sooner or later. BOOM!” — Susan Ivanova

  9. Ah, now we get to the root of the problem!
    We are branching out next year into new target configurations.
    What a stick-y wicket we were in, I tell ‘ya!
    Apparently it wasn’t carved properly to be a BOOMERang. But in this case, that’s a good thing.
    Didn’t you know that the ballistic formula used square roots?
    The ents are here, and are they pissed!
    That coefficient was apparently insufficiently ballistic.
    Tell the moles: two click down, one click left
    No, no, NO! How many times do I have to tell you? Those are NOT little coffins for gnomish vampires!

  10. That photo clearly proves you are racist, and also that the Federal Government needs more tax dollars.

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