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Penises in hand “@minasmith64: Not sure what Shannon’s idea of motherhood might be but our family is raising men… pic.twitter.com/d0VZM562y4


Jintana Nanana‏@jintana
Tweeted on December 27, 2014
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!

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  1. So it’s better for a mother to raise a pair of boy-men who sit on her couch in the basement playing video games and working minimum-wage jobs than men who know that achievement and working towards goals can occur in real life and not just video games, who learned motivation, achievement and character by doing adult activities as supervised children?

      • Feminists hate all video games other than the really mediocre ones they write themselves. Of course, to get positive reviews for them circulated among the “gaming culture,” they offer sexual favors to self-declared “game reviewers.” Noticing the ethical implications is, according to Anita Sarkeesian, “sexist.”

        See also, “Gamergate.”

      • The video game eunuch is the unintended consequence of feminism and feminized schools in which competition and scores are eliminated in the defense of feelings, the pursuit of fairness and the worship of equality. Video games are popular among boys and boy-men because, unlike in school, scores are kept and they can see how they do compared to their friends, and they can see their individual achievement. The male of the species is competitive in a different way than the female is, and will find a way to compensate for its absence in life.

    • Yes indeed. I don’t know what Jintana’s objection to a picture of a girl with a rifle or shot gun would be, but she’d think of some sexual connection and accuse her opponents of making that connection when they deny it.

  2. Those who can’t distinguish between male reproductive equipment and firearms nor distinguish between their very different purposes shouldn’t handle either one.

    • That’s a keeper.
      It goes into my quotes file, right next to this one (from Neil Smith’s first novel):
      “I’ve heard that phallic symbol argument before, and always from ineffectual people driven to make everyone else as helpless as they are. Who’s more confused, those who think weapons are sexual organs, or those who want to take everyone’s sexual organs away?”

    • Not original with me, but those who think of penises when they see guns have a damned twisted idea of what a penis is for.

  3. As for raising men, I can’t properly attribute it, but I recall reading about a mother complained about her sons tearing up the back yard lawn from roughhousing, and her husband said, “We aren’t raising grass, we’re raising men.”
    The goal shouldn’t be so short-term as to be only happy, healthy, well-behaved children, it should be happy, healthy, well-adjusted and productive men with families of their own.

  4. I bet these boys already display more discipline, self-control, and maturity than their critic, Jintana. I bet they grow up to be wonderful husbands and fathers. I’d let them date my daughters.

    Compare that to the one making cheap sexual shots at young boys.
    Who is the sick one? Answer: Jintana

  5. The way I read this, she’s skewering Shannon Watts and the gun=penis meme.

    • Shoot, I misread it. My sincere apologies! I don’t Tweet and wrongly thought that she had made the “penis in hand” comment, instead of skewering it.

      The point is, these young men are being raised right.

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