Boomershoot 2015 status

The first day of Boomershoot 2015 is over.

From the participants viewpoint things are going quite well. The weather is good with moderately warm temperatures, no precipitation, and no to light winds. The Boomers seem to be detonating well if there are solid hits.

From the staff viewpoint things things are pretty good. The biggest hiccup was when the first thing this morning Barb’s rented car locked the doors automatically with the keys inside along with the cash box, wristbands, and the check-in list for the Precision Rifle clinic. This was 15 minutes before people were scheduled to check in. Barb was quite upset and I was almost unable to convince her it was going to be okay. She called the rental agency who had roadside assistance out in a little over an hour and unlocked her car. I set her up with my laptop and the electronic version of the check-in list. No wrist bands and the laptop was a little more awkward than crossing people off the list with a pen, but she got through it just fine.

Another minor issue was the private fireball didn’t work the first or second time. There was a combination of problems. Some of it was improper construction and some shooter problems as well. The third attempt at a fireball was acceptable:

There were some injuries. I twisted my ankle, Barb scraped her back a little bit, and we saw some moderately bad sunburns.

For me it is difficult to see anything but the flaws but I had several people tell me how much fun they were having and how great an event it is, and what I overhear and see on their faces confirm this. This is what makes Boomershoot worthwhile to me.


4 thoughts on “Boomershoot 2015 status

  1. A great event this year, Joe! Weather was great throughout, steel provided by Gene was appreciated, as always. Your opening fireball was spectacular, and the boomers seemed to be doing great. I knocked a few apart at 650 or so with my .308 without detonation – but I suspect that the bullets I was using (178 AMAX) might be right on the velocity threshold at that range. Everything else blew nicely with solid hits. At the berm, hits with the .204 Ruger @ 4000 fps resulted in resounding detonations.

    Bob and I have probably attended 10 or 11 of the last 15 events, and I’d have to place this one up in the top five for overall management, chemistry, etc. The traffic rearrangement really kept the ceasefires to a minimum as well.

    Well done! (And nice to finally meet Barb, too!)

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