Flash Sale on InSights Classes!

Via email from InSights. Highly recommended. I’ve spent thousands on their training over the years. Both for me and my family.

20% Off Selected Classes for the Whole Family

Limited time to sign up — April 29 – May 1, phone orders only:

  • Handgun Fundamentals: $180 only for the next 3 days
    Get better with your semi-auto and get tuned up for GDH!
    May 2, WCA Bellevue
  • General Defensive Handgun: $360 only for the next 3 days
    Get the information, skills, and mindset to carry and use a handgun for self defense.
    May 9-10 WCA Bellevue
    June 13-14 WCA Bellevue
    June 20-21 WCA Everett
  • Glock Maintenance: $72 only for the next 3 days
    Keep your firearm in fight-winning condition.
    May 12, WCA Bellevue
  • Unarmed Self Defense II: $320 only for the next 3 days
    Build on your USD skills and gain fight-winning techniques against single and multiple attackers.
    May 30-31, WCA Everett
  • Defensive Folding Knife: $180 for the next 3 days
    If you can’t have your handgun, have your knife. Great jiu-jitsu repellent!
    June 6, WCA Everett
  • Pepper Spray Seminar: $72 only for the next 3 days
    Easy to use, easy to carry, legal to have with you nearly everywhere.
    June 9, WCA Bellevue
  • Kids Safety School I and II: $60 only for the next 3 days
    Through games, drills, and discussions, your children will learn how to recognize potential dangers and get to safety.
    May 30, Redmond
  • Limited Time 20% Off Flash Sale — Train and Save!
    Call the office and talk to Jenna to register: 888-958-0884.

    See you in class!