New shooter report

Barb’s nephew Jeff wanted to learn to shoot so Barb reserved the training bay at the local indoor range and I brought a bunch of guns and ammo.

I started him out with the safety rules, then grip, stance, sight alignment, trigger prep, squeeze, follow through, and finally dry fire. Once he had that all working pretty good he shot a .22 scoped rifle with a suppresser. Then it was the Ruger 22/45 while sitting, then while standing.


Then it was the .22 revolver:


Then the AR-15. And finally the Ruger P-89 (9mm).


10 thoughts on “New shooter report

  1. Wish to (higher power of choice) that my state allowed us to own silencers- Training would be SO much more pleasant.

    Instead, we have a couple of pairs of Peltor ComTacs, which do the job and keep us from going hoarse.

    • My state does allow them, but the notion of having to expose my life to the feds to exercise my right to own an overpriced suppressor has kept me from getting one.
      (I’d also first have to get a gun that accepts one.)

      • If everyone is on the list, then the list is all but meaningless. Get the suppressor… and you say “then I’d have to get a gun to accept it” as if it were a bad thing 🙂 Depending on choice, you can rebarrel, thread an existing barrel, or buy new guns.

        • I don’t think Boberg works with suppressors because of the rotating barrel action.
          I may be confused with FFL rules — something gave me the impression that I’d have to authorize the feds to come wander into my house anytime they feel like it. Is that only for FFL?

  2. OMG! Was that an “approved” range? Did all the transfers back and forth get the required background checks? OMG!!

    @Paul – the Feds probably already know everything there is to know about you and your firearms. I thought like you, myself, then realized that there’s nothing more to getting a stamp for a suppressor than there is to getting a concealed pistol license. In fact, if a trust buys the silencer – the only way you’ll get one in Washington – you dispense with the fingerprints and photos as well. In short – if that’s all that’s holding you back, there’s really not much reason to NOT go ahead and buy one.

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