Quote of the day—Michael Z. Williamson

Take your statements about “ultraconservative,” “right wing,” “Read less white males” and “privilege,” and shove them up your ass.

Then write the story where that was a pleasurable and positive learning experience for you.

Michael Z. Williamson
April 21, 2015
Challenge Delivered
[Williamson’s post is worth reading for the facts presented but the last sentence, above, is what gives it the punch of humor.

I’ve read a couple of his books and enjoyed them immensely. The points he makes are indicative of something I’ve written about before. Although these type of people will seldom directly admit it, it is very clear they believe they know what you are thinking without regard to your words or actions. In this case they believe they know the contents of his book without reading them.

What more evidence do you need to conclude these people have mental problems?

No matter. There will be a lot more evidence provided. I directly experienced it for decades and no matter how much I coached them they could not change. The problem, as they saw it, was always me.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Michael Z. Williamson

  1. “What more evidence do you need to conclude these people have mental problems?”

    Rhetorical question, I assume, given the ever-increasing surfeit of data.

    • Yes. For most anyway. There are those for whom evidence is irrelevant and no amount of it will convince them.

  2. “Read less white males”
    It is another sign of their mental illness that they haven’t realized that insults lose much of their sting if they contain spelling and grammatical errors.

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