2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Eileen Bresnahan @EileenBresnahan

  1. No, but does her vagina feel better when she is being raped while she’s defenseless?

    Sorry, to be crude, but these grade school insults need to be met head on. I will not be shamed while performing the most manly action possible, namely the defense of my wife and daughters. That is the pinnacle of manliness.

    Miss Bresnahan would be lucky to find a real man that will risk life and limb to protect her and her offspring. She’s too stupid to recognize this reality and will probably marry a metrosexual if she hasn’t already. Could luck with that if she finds herself in a life threatening situation. Her slogans won’t save her.

    • Right. And in addition to being prepared to defend what is dear to you, I would assume you’re teaching them to do likewise for themselves as well.

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