Midnight Rider Marksmen

Via frequent commenter Chris from Alaska we have this press release.

Midnight Rider Marksmen, PO Box 9571, Las Vegas, NV


A non-profit dedicated to the Shooting Sports, American History, and Civic Engagement
Las Vegas, NV, April 19, 2015

I am proud to announce the launch of Midnight Rider Marksmen (MRM), a new national non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public in American history, supporting the shooting sports, and promoting civic engagement.

MRM is named in honor of Paul Revere and the other brave riders who rode through the night to warn American patriots that “the regulars were out!” on April 19th, 1775.

Midnight Rider Marksmen is about Shooting… We offer a variety of rifle, pistol and youth shooting programs at ranges throughout the country. We promote traditional American marksmanship skills with events tailored to a variety of skill levels.

Midnight Rider Marksmen is about History… We promote awareness of American history, with a focus on the colonial period, Revolutionary War, and early Republic. Knowing our history is a way to cultivate an appreciation for American heritage and of the sacrifices made by earlier generations of Americans on behalf of liberty and freedom. MRM offers a variety of history presentations, programs and speakers for meetings, clubs, organizations, schools, and other groups.

Midnight Rider Marksmen is about Civic Engagement… We encourage the general public to participate in civic life, educate the general public on civic participation, and foster an appreciation for the freedoms and liberties provided by American civic life. We are non-partisan and adhere to all IRS 501C(3) requirements.

Midnight Rider Marksmen is affiliated with the National Rifle Association, Civilian Marksmanship Program and the Youth Shooting Sports Alliance.

To join Midnight Rider Marksmen or to find out how you, your range or organization can become involved, check out Midnight Rider Marksmen on Facebook or visit us online at www.hitscount.org. Please email us at info@midnightridermarksmen.org.


7 thoughts on “Midnight Rider Marksmen

  1. On the face of it, seems like this might be a sort of Appleseed clone. Not necessarily a bad thing, if the events are reachable by more people.

  2. I find myself wondering whether this is some kind of hoax, perhaps even a front group for the usual suspects.

    In the Deep South, the term “midnight rider” has, today, VERY unsavory connotations indeed, having to do with groups of masked Klansmen who rode on horseback by the dark of night to carry out reprisals and make examples.

    • I was concerned too and would have rejected it after about five seconds had the email not been from a name I recognized. I did a fair about of poking around before posting it.

    • That’s “night rider”, son. “Midnight Rider” is an Allman Brothers song and a biopic notorious for the death of a camera assistant during an unauthorized shoot.

  3. From what I read on the website the purpose of MRM is to take the idea of history and shooting beyond what Appleseed does. Appleseed is good organization but once you do an Appleseed, you’ve pretty much done everything they do. These guys look like they want to take a good idea and make it better. Have more and varied classes like a pistol class or a advanced class including NRA sanctioned classes which Appleseed doesn’t do. It kind of looks like they want to also have kind of a club with competitions, advancements and other stuff to do.

  4. All,

    Thanks for bringing up this issue! MRM has a non-discrimination policy in our bylaws and on our website which is based on the CMP’s policy:

    Non-Discrimination Policy: “Membership in the MRM is open to all citizens of good repute without regard to age (except as stipulated by law), ethnic origin, gender, physical ability, race, religious or sexual preferences.”

    We also proudly display a “Bucks of America” flag to highlight the contributions made by Americans of many ethnicities.

    We are going to address the branding issue at our annual member’s meeting and see if rebranding is wise. It simply did not occur to us at founding and by the time the issue came up we had already dealt with the IRS, state requirements, bank accounts, etc.

    Project Appleseed has a lot of great people working in it. Many of our members have hundreds or thousands of volunteer hours with the RWVA. MRM is interested in branching into new audiences. Additionally, MRM was interested in a closer relationship with the NRA and numerous sponsors; Project Appleseed is ineligible for NRA Affiliation because the Project’s Board of Directors lacks the accountability and transparency required by the NRA. As an example, we stepped in to assist the NRA with their youth day on short notice this year at the Annual Meeting. It is our hope that MRM can fill gaps that Appleseed leaves unserved and do so with accountability and transparency in the governance that makes us attractive to partners and sponsors.


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