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Seems like the Seattle Times will use what ever angle they can use to further their anti-firearms ownership agenda. This time it’s the environmental angle. In the future it could be the medical angle, or the racial angle, or the feminist angle, or the gay angle, or whatever other angle they think can be used to limit the private ownership of firearms in the US.

What the Seattle Times needs to do instead is to acknowledge and accept the 2nd Amendment, and realize that it exists because this country owes it’s existence to the fact that private citizens owned and were proficient with the most modern firearms of the day.

April 14, 2015
Comment to Toxic ranges win federal contracts
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]


10 thoughts on “Quote of the day—chimprage

  1. Sometimes I think the gun control movement is going about this the wrong way. The more I see the stupid things gun owners do with their guns, the more I think the real solution might be to pass laws that stipulate that everyone must carry a gun 24/7. Then, after we’ve thinned the herd a bit, we can talk about putting some of the guns away.

    • And if the herd isn’t appreciately thinned everyone except the crooks and the tyrants win.

      Great idea! So we can count on your support for legislation implementing this?

      Not that I really think it should be manadatory but if we push for that then maybe we can have a reasonable compromise and get the government to just leave us alone unless there is an immediate threat or an actual victim.

    • Perfect. Progressives are all about thinning the herd. They can’t stop thinking about it.

      Only ubu knows if she (he?) stomped on a flaming bag of poo here, or if she (he?) fully intended to have this rare moment of public honesty.

      Fire up the ovens, Darlin’. Show us how you really feel. Your problem is you don’t have the fortitude, the strength or the courage to take point on the roundups. I guess that’s where the jihadists come in. They’re the sort of surrogate SS the American left wish they had at their beckon call.

      Just be patient, ubu, it’s being worked on. They’re rounding up and killing Christians in the Middle East right now, and they have designs on the U.S. which are currently in progress. You’ll definitely get your way to some extent, though not in the way you envision, and you may not live long enough to see it.

      If you stand behind your comments, then tell us your real name (you know mine). Otherwise you’re the sniveling, sneaking, skulking coward I say you are.

      • Huh? What’s this got to do with passing a law that gets everyone to carry 24/7?

        • It has EVERYTHING to do with the phrase “after we’ve thinned the herd a bit”, written by a commenter that goes by ‘ubu52’. I trust you’ve heard of him/her?

    • An excellent idea. Since the thinning will be among entitled, out-of-control leftists who will shoot each other over the last bunch of organic arugula at Whole Foods, maybe we can thereafter get some peace and reasonableness around here.

      • Really. That would certainly make trips to the grocery store more interesting. If everyone could carry, and could carry whatever they want, would the open carry guys load up with so much gear they could barely get out of the car and walk?

        • Why would they? Open carry aficionados presumably carry what they want now; why would your initial proposal (that you seem to be quietly backing away from) of mandating that people and liberals be armed at all times cause them to arm themselves more heavily?

          Now, I could see ignorant blood dancers and SJWs loading themselves down with all kinds of tacticool garbage, in line with their thinking (if I may use the word in connection with them) that a .22 pistol is a cross between a blasting rod and Sauron’s Ring. Equally, though, I could see them eating the guns they’re required to carry in their rage and despair that they can no longer force the world to comply with their demands.

  2. “…realize that it exists because this country owes it’s existence to the fact that private citizens owned and were proficient with the most modern firearms of the day.”

    Except that so many progressives don’t feel this country is a good thing, so I think this point would be lost on them.

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