One lie update

At a group meeting at work today they asked for “Two truths and one lie”. I used these:

  • I won first place while playing for the University of Idaho chess team in the Association of College Unions Intercollegiate Tournaments in Region 14 (Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana).
  • I have a solar powered explosives production facility in Idaho where I make about a ton of explosives using Kitchen-Aid mixers each year for recreational purposes.
  • I went to Blackwater (a private military company and security consulting firm) for “gun blogger summer camp” for free and was taught by one of the top handgun shooters in the world.

After some discussion they pretty much unanimously agreed it was the chess item. Good job guys!

One of the guys in the group said, “I’m glad he is working on our side.” The director (who found out about Boomershoot during my interview for the job and signed up to attend Boomershoot with her husband) of our group responded with, “That’s why we hired him.”


5 thoughts on “One lie update

  1. “That’s why we hired him.”

    Right there is one of the more important sentences published here in a while.

  2. I still think your “lie” isn’t in the spirit of the game. In my opinion the lie should be something that is blatantly false (i.e. you accidentally ate hash brownies while vacationing in Amsterdam), not something that’s almost true but not quite (got 2nd place, not 1st place in the chess tournament).

    • I’m not sure what the spirit of the game in this particular instance is but I didn’t get any flack for it so I’m not going to worry about it.

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