8 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Bacon @Baconmints

  1. If you’re a member of the Tiny Brain Club, you will still be a member no matter how many anti-gun tweets you make.

  2. He does have a point. I bought my first gun IIRC when I was 24/25. I have since bought a BUNCH more.

    Yep, my man bits are about the same since then.

    He’s right….but I don’t quite understand the reasoning to why I should care.

      • I guess it would be pointless to try to explain to him that no one believes buying a gun will increase the size of the buyer’s penis, or that women also buy guns (and they don’t even have penises).

        It might be slightly entertaining to see his response to the latter though– Why do women buy guns? What effects on their reproductive parts do they anticipate as a result? Maybe it would come as a surprize to some people, to learn that there are motivations which have nothing to do with sex.

  3. friends:

    i think he doth protest too much. laughing. perhaps he has an itty bitty teenie tiney little weanie, “his own self?”

    i am assuming that when he “accuses” others of having little weanies, that means that he has a great long thick weanie that he uses to good effect, on the various fauna with whom he consorts. (no use carrying the great thing around unless he puts it to use.)

    so, he should prove it. next time he writes such a post, he should include proof that he in fact, superior being that he is, has the superior weanie to prove it, and all of the things/people he has gathered to his side by the use thereof. i am thinking a sworn affidavit from his medical doctrine attesting to the girth and length and volume of his weanie in an erect state, e.g., statistical proof of his assertion of a big dick, and accompanying affidavit attesting that he indeed know how to use the thing to telling effect, …. , e.g., wives, girlfriends, boyfriends, etc., and that they know so from multiple experiences.

    no need for pictures. i am assuming this fellow to be about 6’4″ tall, a lean 220, with massive shoulders, good biceps, and a flat tummy.

    let him prove it. or, go his delusional way.

    as for me, my little peenie and i are going into the basement to make some more .308 winchester, in anticipation of when this Adonis appears on my front porch asking for my guns. i’ll put a little extra powder in, because everyone knows that studs such as himself are much harder to put down than the ordinary fellow, who often have just itty bitty teeny weenie little peenies.

    in short, what a fucking dumbshit.

    john jay

  4. correction:

    medical doctor instead of “medical doctrine …. .” don’t know where that came from? freudian slip, mayhaps?

  5. So THAT’S why liberals don’t buy guns – they have tiny equipment, and are aware – as is everyone else – that owning a weapon won’t improve their . . . weapon.

    Makes perfect sense to me.

  6. “I think I know what secretly motivates you, in spite of never having asked you or even exchanged a single word with you… and I will make fun of you in public, based on what I think you’re thinking.”

    Nope, it doesn’t make any more sense that way either.

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