Some writers can write

Well no duh! I can hear you say. Every different community has its issues, events, and disputes. Being somewhat more than a mere spectator but less than a main combatant is an odd and interesting place to be.

The recent and ongoing kerfuffle in the sci-fi community between the SJW’s and and the Ilk of the Evil Legion of Evil has been educational, and many fascinating words are being spilled. Take, for example, Brad Torgerson, one of the principals in the whole Sad Puppies affair. His recent post titled Flaming rage nozzles of tolerance is great. Kind of long, but he does a good job of breaking down the current “we must blame ourselves for everything” SJW narrative-driven mindset as a modern secular take on Original Sin, and the competing with the free minds of people responsible for their own actions and nothing more. Well worth the read.


5 thoughts on “Some writers can write

  1. Just for giggles, I started to read Torgerson’s article, and once I hit his statement: “Few things are as boring to non-nerds, as a cage match nerd fight.” I figured he was right on track.

    Then I read on – and although I’m not in the least a Science Fiction or Fantasy fan (my enjoyment of the genre stops at being a fan of “Grimm” on TV) I did indeed relate to the article. You could substitute “guns” or “mineral prospecting” or any of a number of off-script activities into his template and it would work just as well. I’d put this article up there with some of Bill Kittle’s writings.

  2. I can tell the antipuppies haven’t read TSCB yet, because that will result in a nuclear butthurt explosion which I will surely hear from my cave.

    • As I understand it, TSCB will be included in the Hugo “packet” of reading material. I expect that it will cause more than a few heated comments. Should be fun to watch….
      I’ll likely go to Sasquan to watch the announcements, and meet a few fellow Castalia House folks; it will be interesting to hear what people are willing to say to my face.

      • I’d like to go. We’ll see how much overtime I can pick up this summer.

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