Quote of the day—Glenn Reynolds

Glamour is undermined by mockery. People steeped in multicultural respect will find that mockery difficult. The other thing that undermines glamour is crushing defeat. The Axis had glamour of its own, until Dresden and Hiroshima.

Glenn Reynolds
January 6, 2015
[The context above is the Islamic State but the concept also applies to the anti-gun people.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Glenn Reynolds

  1. “People steeped in multicultural respect will find that mockery difficult.”
    True. Many of them will sooner join forces with the jihadists in some way. It’s happening. They are soul mates after all. As I see it, we have the Democrats and the Republicans standing in the way, between us and the jihadists. Not to protect us, mind you, but to protect the jihadists, meaning we have to defeat both our own political machine and jihad. The next several years will be interesting.

    In the 1930s and 40s, the jihadists learned from the Stalinists and Nazis. Now they’re learning from the Progressives– Just move in, slowly build, slowly infiltrate, assert yourself but don’t make too much noise all at once. By the time your enemy (America and the West) decides to fight in earnest (if they ever do) it will have been too late for them. When Obama admonished the blatant killing of that journalist a few months ago, he wasn’t criticizing jihad per se. He was advising them on tactics.

  2. As for Dresden and Hiroshima; my wife and I were talking yesterday and I was explaining that THAT (Germany and Japan in the 1945) is what defeat looks like. Look what it actually took to make them stop. With nothing but “limited engagements” since, most Americans alive today have never seen it.

    We should back up a little bit though; the Nazis were never totally “defeated” because we didn’t have the moral clarity to defeat the seeds of Naziism, which is collectivism in all its forms. Now they’re coming back.

    So I’ll rephrase it;
    No one alive today has seen what it takes to truly defeat one of these death cults. The closest I can think of (which most people will fail to recognize as such) is an excellent little microcosm of collectivism, Jonestown, wherein (pay attention now) all we had to do was shine the light of scrutiny on them, go in there and show some fortitude, for the right reasons, and they self immolated. Was a single shot ever even fired on them? I don’t think so. See how this works?

    They love death more than we love life, as they say. If they were convinced that we loved life more than they love death, and we were willing to stand up for it no matter what it took, it’d be game over for them.

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